Miguel Estacado
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Estacado Bloodline
Brotherhood of Darkness (Founder)


Wielder of the Darkness

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The Darkness: Black Sails

"But what is the light... without the Darkness?"
Miguel to Benedetta Maria Ferro. [src]

Miguel Estacado was a pirate captain in 1671, the founder of The Brotherhood of The Darkness, host of The Darkness, and an ancestor of Jackie Estacado.


Early LifeEdit

Miguel once attacked a Dutch trader sailing from the Leeward islands and bound for Gibraltar. His ship first meted out at broadside and his crew shot chains which tore through the crewman's flesh and the ship's sailcloth. His ship closed and he and his crew boarded, slaughtering every man on board. One man, still alive, was taken for dead and dropped into the sea.

The Darkness: Black SailsEdit

On October 1671 in the Atlantic ocean two hundred miles east of Hispaniola, Miguel and his crew raided the Gloria Al Dios, a Spanish naval ship that was carrying a wealthy treasure to be delivered to The Holy See. It was here that he killed the Dutch trader survivor and encountered The Magdalena Benedetta Maria Ferro.

She attacked and stabbed Miguel in the stomach, to which he inflicted a fatal wound to her with his claws. She stabbed The Spear of Destiny into the ship's hull and caused it to sink with her in it, but not before Miguel took The Spear and fled, intending to return the spear to The Holy Sea for a large price. Ironically he expressed regret over the loss of Benedetta.

Personality Edit

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Darkness Armor: He possessed Darkness armor.
    • Invulnerability:The armor made him impervious to physical attacks.
    • Increased Strength: The armor increased his strength to a limited degree.
  • Darkling Summoning: Miguel could summon Darklings from the Darkness.


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