Midnight Stick
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JP Dumond (Wielder)

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The Darkness II

Real World information

"The Midnight Stick is my conduit to dark essence. It opens a portal in The Great Emptiness and takes the wicked down where they belong."
JP Dumond. [src]

Midnight Stick is a powerful artifact, that is wielded by JP Dumond in The Darkness II Vendettas campaign.

History Edit

Creation Edit

When forces of evil started to invade his city, JP fashioned a cudgel from a tree that was struck by lightning twice to act as a conduit for dark essence. With it, the doctor set to fight these forces.

Vendettas Edit

After becoming a mercenary for hire, JP was hired by Jackie Estacado for his connection to the Darkness. This led him to meet other people with the Darkness artifacts and face-off against the Brotherhood. During his battle with the Brotherhood, the Midnight Stick was always by JP's side.

Capabilities Edit

The Midnight Stick is a powerful cudgel that lets JP Dumond to access its Darkness powers and the dark realm. One of the most powerful Midnight Stick's power is to open black holes. These holes suck up anything around or near its radius and then proceed to explode, blowing everything inside it to pieces. These black holes are similar to the ones Jackie's dead enemies may spawn, but JP is able to modify his black holes more intensively than Jackie, possibly making them more powerful. Just like Jackie, JP can only open one black hole at a time.

The Midnight Stick can also cause shockwave around the victim knocking away any of their allies that are close by. It is also powerful enough to knockdown almost any enemy JP may come across even heavily armored veteran members of the Brotherhood.

The cudgel can also lift up people in the air, momentarily incapacitating them. By sticking the bottom of the cudgel into a heart, the Midnight Stick will heal all JP's wounds.

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