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Jenny Romano (Sister)

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Vol. 2 Issue 5

"Oh, god... oh hey, I'm sorry, sir. I just thought... I mean gotta be on the lookout for my baby, you know?"
Megan apologising to Jackie [src]

Megan is Jenny's Romano twin sister appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Megan and Jenny were separated at birth leaving both in the dark of each other existence. Eventually, Megan married and gave birth to a child.

The Darkness Edit

After finding out about Megan, Paulie puts a sniper near her house and used this as leverage against Jackie Estacado. Jackie tracks down the sniper, David Lizewski and kills him. Megan thinks that she something outside. Johnny, her husband calms her and says that there's nothing there. It's then revealed that Jackie is looking at the window from the darkness.

Meeting with Jackie Edit

Jackie meets Megan in a park the next day and looks at her. Megan calls him out for looking at her, but Jackie apologises, saying that she remind him of someone he once knew. He then gets up and leaves.

Personality Edit

Megan seemed kind hearted and very protective of her child.

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