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Vol. 3 Issue 7

"Our village belongs to a witch."
The Mechanic to Jackie. [src]

The Mechanic is a character appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

After La Bruja En Las Paredes moves in a house with her daughter built by a The Devil for her, she begins to feed on the townsfolk memories. The townsfolk feared her and they would hold a lottery to determine who would feed her every week, in exchange she protected them, fed them, and extended their lives.

Visited by Jackie Edit

Eventually, Jackie Estacado comes to the town, looking for a way to fix his motorcycle. At the gas station, the mechanic tells that it will take a week to order the new parts. Instead he decides to let Jackie scavenge for the replacement part in the junkyard. As Jackie walks into the junkyard, the mechanic with the townsfolk confront him. The mechanics reveal that their town belongs to a witch called La Bruja En Las Paredes.

Long ago she made a deal with a satan to live forever, but she cannot sleep or dream and she cannot leave her home. Each week, one of the denizen is chosen to go to the witches house and feeds his nightmares and memories to the witch. The denizens hold a lottery in order to choose who will feed a witch, but if a stranger comes to the town, they sacrifice him instead and they intend to do this to Jackie. After hearing this, Jackie pulls out a gun and opens fire on them. Before they can catch Jackie, a mexican kid helps him to escape.

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