Mask of Mana
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Vol. 3 Issue 114

The Mask of Mana is a ritualistic mask from New Zealand, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

History Edit

Background Edit

The Mask of Mana was used by Tohunga exorcist in New Zealand. The exorcist would use this mask during exorcism.

Taking The Darkness Edit

At some point, Aram borrows the mask in order to take the Darkness from Jackie Estacado's Doppelganger. Although the Doppelganger and Cathead are sceptical, Aram puts on the mask and then terminates his protection against the Darkness. He then invites the Darkness into himself, much to the Doppelgangers objections. As the Darkness takes over Aram, he announces it now belongs to him.

With the Darkness in his possession, Aram summons his Darklings. The Darklings surround Jackie and the Doppelganger and prepare to kill them. Aram calls Jackie weak and unworthy of this power. When one of the Darklings tries to lick the Doppelganger, he cuts his tongue off. Realising that without the Doppelganger he's incomplete, Aram tries to absorb him. The Doppelganger pleads Jackie to do something and Jackie tries to convince Aram to let go of the Darkness. He says that the Estacado bloodline is the perfect host for the Darkness as a corrupt man cannot be corrupted. Jackie then swears that if Aram gives back to him the Darkness, he will stop the Ancient Ones and restore the balance between Darkness and light.

Aram's Darklings then try to convince him into keeping the Darkness for himself and take over the world. Remembering how much pain and destruction he brought to the world as the Darkness host, Aram gives it to Jackie. The Doppelganger then assumes his true form as small Darkling and merges with Jackie. With the Darkness back in his possession, Jackie destroys the Mask of Mana and tells Aram to get out of his sight.

Capabilities Edit

While wearing the Mask of Mana, the exorcist can contain a demon without being possessed by it. Then when the exorcist finds a suitable receptacle, he can transfer the demon to a new home. The mask proved to be strong enough to even contain the Darkness itself.

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