Marisol's Mother
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Marisol Yanez (Daughter)

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Vol. 3 Issue 1

"I gotta say, miss Yanez. I never thought I'd be eating the best damn dim sum I ever had in the jungles of Sierra Muñoz."
Major White regarding Marisol's Mother cooking. [src]

Marisol's Mother is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

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Not much is known about Marisol's mother, except that she used to cook for the tourists at the resort in Brecca.

Sierra Muñoz Edit

After the new leaders came into power and seize control of Sierra Muñoz, her daughter started to lead the resistance. Some time later, Major White invaded their home in order to meet with Marisol. After Marisol comes home, White calms her down by saying that the USA government wants to help her to take down the new Ocaso. As they discussed the details of their alliance, Marisol's mother cooked some food for them as per their country's custom.

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