Magdalena Vol. 1 Issue 2

Marcia Chen


Joe Benitez

  • Billy Tan
  • Eric Basaldua
  • Joe Weems
  • Kevin Conrad Hanna
  • Marco Galli

Jonathan D. Smith

  • Robin Spehar
  • Dennis Heisler
  • Dreamer Design

Renae Geerlings

Cover by:
  • Joe Benitez (Cover A)
  • Joe Weems (Cover A)
  • Jonathan D. Smith (Cover A/B)
  • Brian Ching (Cover B)
  • Victor Llamas (Cover B)

June 1, 2000

Magdalena Vol. 1 Issue 2 is the second issue of the first Magdalena comic series volume published in 2000. This is the second part of Blood Divine story arc.

Synopsis Edit

The most exciting new story line of the year continues as the Magdalena calls for reinforcements and sets out to hunt down the coven of vampires. Meanwhile, Cardinal Innocent finds out more about the origins of the ancient relics found by Father Jasper, including their connection to the Magdalena! Prepare yourself as the secret of the Magdalena is revealed!

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Rosalia sheets her sword and prepares to face the vampires. One of the them, named Giselle, quickly lunges at her and lifts her up into the her by her throat. Before the Giselle can bite her, groups leader Michael, stops her and they proceed to leave. Rosalia then quickly returns back to the abbey, calls the Vatican and informs them about the vampires.

Meanwhile, after hearing Father Jasper's worries about the letter, Cardinal Innocent decides to read it. The letter was written in the year 1239, the end of September, at Montsalvat Abbey in France by Mireille De La Croix to her daughter Arianne in the event, she didn't returned from her mission. Mireille writes with heavy heart, how she must leave her daughter Arianne in the care of her old friend, Perfecti Vivienne and the good sisters at Montsalvat, the hidden stronghold of the Cathars. When Arianne becomes old enough, Vivienne will give her Mireille's letter and their family's heirlooms.

She explains, that the French countryside has been ravaged by war for forty years, since Pope Innocent III called for his unholy crusade against the Cathars and all who refuse to denounce them. Mireille writes, that Cathars were gentle, peaceful people, mostly of which were peasants, whose only crime was to worship God in a manner different from those in power. They posed no threat to any, not even to the animals, which they refused to eat. But the crusade was not enough to eliminate them, so the church created a new insidious institution, the inquisition to destroy the last remnants of Cathars. Not able to stand and watch as the church commits these atrocities, Mireille decides to defend Cathars and stop the inquisition. She then imparts Arianne with the sacred knowledge of the Mary Magdalene bloodline entrusted to her by her mother, which was passed to her by her mother.

At the abbey, the two Garduna arrive. The Garduna are the faithful soldiers of the inquisition, which are perfect warriors, loyal to death. The Garduna give Rosalia new equipment and wooden stakes to kill the vampires with. Rosalia points out, that neither holy water or staking its heart, killed the vampire. Garduna disregards her observations, believing that she just missed the heart. After gearing up, Rosalia and the Garduna, head out to Paris as there was a similar killing there, two nights ago. In Paris, Rosalia tells the two Garduna warriors, that the murders took place at the apartment of one of the victims, a manager of prostitutes. Two others were killed, his assistant and one of his employees. There was one other present during the attack. A prostitute, who survived the attack, but is still under heavy sedation. Rosalia adds, that they will go to her next.

At the apartment, Rosalia decides to question local prostitutes if they saw anything, much to the disgust of the Garduna. Although the prostitutes saw nothing, they did notice people dressed as vampires, walking to a club right down the street. Before parting, Rosalia asks the prostitute to inform the two Garduna where she went if she sees them. Rosalia begins to doubt if the killers are actually vampires as they ran away and left her alive. But then she gasps as she notices a masked man walking by. She recalls how in her teenager years, Rosalia was left alone in her dorm as her friends sneaked out to a Madonna's concert. As she begins studying, a masked man gets inside her room and proceeds to rape her. Nine months later, she gives birth to a daughter.

Back to present, Rosalia comes back to her senses and enters the club. Inside, she finds crowds of people dressed in letter bondage gear and clothes, dancing to the music. Rosalia decides to check what's upstairs. A bouncer tries to stop her, but Rosalia uses the Light of Magdalene to get pass him. Upstairs, she finds vampires feeding on the clubbers. She quickly jumps to action and attacks the vampires, telling the clubbers to run away. But then, one of the girls, knocks out Rosalia with a candle stick. The vampires then decide to take her to Giselle. To be continued...

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