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The Magdalena is an occult mercenary belonging to a lineage of women descended from Mary Magdalene, who claimed to have conceived a daughter with Jesus Christ. Inheriting their forefather's mysterious powers, each Magdalena is raised and trained by the Vatican to be their weapon.

Each Magdalena is indoctrinated under the belief that she is a blessed soldier of God. In actuality, the mantle is merely an instrument for the Church to exploit their bloodline; using them as a means to secure their interests and snuff out potential threats such as the Darkness.

History Edit

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Light of the Magdalena:
  • Enhanced Healing: While not necessarily accelerated, the Magdalena are capable of healing - albeit with medical assistance - from severe wounds that would otherwise cripple a normal human. Sister Mariella was able to recover from being crucified; her wrists and feet un-scarred from the impalement.

Abilities Edit

  • Unarmed Fighting: All Magdalenas are trained rigorously in the arts of unarmed fighting. Each Sister of the mantle is a living weapon capable of fending off against the most common of lone preternatural opponents. Only an overwhelmingly powerful opponent can overpower a Magdalena in single combat.
  • Occult Knowledge: The Magdalena are schooled by the Church in virtually all manner of occult lore. With full access to the Apostolic Library, each Sister is trained to recognize and exploit the weaknesses and patterns of their prey. However, as per their sheltered upbringing, their lore is flawed.
  • Swordsmanship:
  • Skilled Acrobatics:
  • Trained Larceny:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Arrogance: Having been raised from childhood to believe in the fundamental righteousness of their cause, each Sister exhibits a condescending hubris. This is especially true for those who have been particularly sheltered by the Church and have no prior world experience to humble themselves.
  • Fallibility: Having been brainwashed by the Church for the largest portion - if not the whole - of their lives, most Sisters live out their days wholly unaware that they are being used in such a callous and insidious manner. Very few Magdalena have had the strength of will to break the cycle.
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