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Troy Raymer (Former Colleague)



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Vol. 3 Issue 10

"He shows his face around here and me and my guys put a bullet between his eyes, case or no case."
Lonny Dolgen regarding Troy Raymer. [src]

Lonny Dolgen is a sheriff from Fox County appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lonny Dolgen worked as a sheriff in Fox County. After his colleague, Troy Raymer becomes a drug trafficker, Dolgen opens up an investigation on him. They find an informant who is willing to testify against Troy. After finding out about this, Troy tracks down the informant and his family and proceeds to beat to death every single one of them. He then sets the house on fire in order to cover up the execution.

Lacking the evidence, Dolgen drops the case on Troy, but kick him out of the force and warn him to never come back here.

Crooked: Black Teeth Edit

A year later, Dolgen meets with Jackie Estacado who pretends to be a reporter for a popular magazine. Unable to prove his identity, Jackie contacts the Sovereign who confirms to the sheriff that Estacado is the man he says he is. The sheriff then takes Jackie to the location where his former informants were killed. After telling the story about the incident and revealing that Troy now sells meth in Open Creek. Dolgen then asks Jackie why isn't writing on anything to which Jackie answers that he has a good memory and then proceeds to leave.

Personality Edit

Lonny Dolgen held huge contempt against Troy Raymer for what his illegal activities and murdering his informants. Because of this, he and his colleagues were willing to break the law and kill Troy if they ever see him again.

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