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The Darkness: Lodbrok's Hand

"My family brings your ruin, Grimur."
Lodbrok's brother to Grimur. [src]

Lodbrok's Brother is an unnamed older brother of Lodbrok and Freydis, appearing in The Darkness: Lodbrok's Hand one-shot comic.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Lodbrok's brother grew up in small village together with his brother Lodbrok and sister Freydis. At some point, his village was raided by the Mad King Grimur. His father, himself, every able warrior, fishermen or farmer was pressed into service in the Mad King's army. They then were forced to built a temple in honor of Grimur.

Attack on Grimur's Keep Edit

After finishing the temple, Grimur proceeded to behead one by one, man from Lodbrok's village in order to consecrate his temple with their blood. When Lodbrok's brother turn came, Freydis jumped out of the cover in order to save him. Unfortunately she was quickly overwhelmed and killed, which in turned revealed Lodbrok's and his allies position to Grimur's soldiers. Stricken with loss, Lodbrok cried over Freydis dead body as his men are slaughtered by Grimur's army.

At that moment, as the sun set, the Black Captain's army took the field. They rip apart through Grimur's army. Seeing this, Grimur ordered her slave to attack the Captain by turning herself into a giant, fire-breathing dragon. The Black Captain response by summoning his own dragon and setting it against Grimur's beast. As the beast fight against each other, Lodbrok, filled with hate and sorrow, proceeds to cut through Grimur's guards and attacks the king himself. Although Grimur threatens to kill his brother if Lodbrok's comes close to him, the young warrior ignores him and proceed to kill the mad king. With Grimur's death, his enslaved dragon gave a scream of both anger and relief before soaring away from the battlefield.

Lodbrok's brother tries to talk with his younger brother, but Lodbrok ignores him and walks back to Freydis, only to witness Black Captain taking her body to become part of his crew.

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