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The Darkness: Shadows & Flame

"She was different. Special."
Teo Estacado talking about Leticia. [src]

Leticia Gomes was the wife of Salvador Gomes, mother of Zarita Gomes and former girlfriend of Teo Estacado.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

At some point, Leticia fell in love with Teo. They got really close to each other, but after his 21st birthday, Teo awakened his Darkness powers. In order to keep Leticia save from him, Teo decided to end their relationship, hoping that she will find a better man, that would protect her above else.

New Love Edit

Sometime later, Leticia found another man, Salvador Gomes and proceeded to marry him. Together they had a daughter named Zarita. Years later, Salvador started an affair with a local prostitute, Alexandra. Blinded by passion, Salvador decides to kill his family and run away with his new love. He proceeds to set on fire his house. As the flames spread, Leticia and Zarita get trapped inside and burn alive.

Legacy Edit

After her death, Teo proceeded to find Salvador and the disguise of the Shadow God, torture him with visions of this act and kill him.

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