Las Vegas

Nevada, United States

Real World Information

Vol. 1 Issue 25

Las Vegas is a city located in USA and appearing in The Darkness comic series.

History[edit | edit source]

Battle in Las Vegas[edit | edit source]

Jackie Estacado and Wenders travelled to Las Vegas after they found out that someone has taken Jackie's identity. After arriving to the city, Capris Castiglione, Jackie's twin sister, reveals that Frankie Franchetti has been kidnapped by the Angelus. Jackie and Wenders manage to intervene and save Frankie from Angelus and her consort Ricardo Amratto. A battle ensues, culminating in the giant explosion caused by Jackie piercing Angelus with the Sacred Blade of the Christening. Jackie and Wenders possessed by Sonatine then leave the city.

Don Alberto Expansion into Vegas[edit | edit source]

After Dominic Alberto's confrontation with Jackie, the Don together with Nunzio, Benny and Tonsils travel to Vegas to expand their criminal organization.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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