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Inugami (Wielder)

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The Darkness II

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"Kusanagi hungers..."
Inugami. [src]

Kusanagi is an ancient, powerful sword wielded by Inugami in The Darkness II Vendettas campaign.

History Edit

Early History Edit

The blade was forged for the first emperors of Japan as a symbol of peace and prosperity. At some point, Kusanagi fell into evil hands. It was then used in the death of a thousand innocent souls. From that point on everyone who wielded the blade were cursed to redeem the sword by killing thousand wicked souls or lose their own life.

Hundreds years later, the blade fell in the hands of Inugami's father. At some point, the Brotherhood came looking for the Kusanagi, but having failed to find it, killed Inugami's father, mother and his two year old brother. After this, Inugami found the hidden Kusanagi and then sought to find and kill the Brotherhood by becoming a mercenary for hire.

Vendettas Edit

Evebtually, Inugami was hired by Jackie Estacado for his connection to the Darkness. This led him to meet other people with the Darkness artifacts and face-off against the Brotherhood. During his battle with the Brotherhood, Inugami used Kusanagi and its dark powers to kill his opponents. After stopping the Brotherhood, the blade was still in Inugami's possession and he continued his quest to satisfy its hunger for wicked souls.

Capabilities Edit

Anyone who wields the Kusanagi is cursed to redeem the sword by killing a thousand souls of the wicked. Everyday Kusanagi loses a day of feeding, the bearers lifespan shortens by one year. The blade can also summon the Darkness Swarm and just like other weapons wielded by Vendettas, can heal its bearer by destroying human hearts.

Trivia Edit

  • The weapon is based on a legendary Japanese sword Kusanagi, which is one of three Imperial Regalia of Japan. In folklore, the sword represents the virtue of valor.

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