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Vol. 1 Issue 7

"It's so hard to find a good looking, single, Italian man in this city, but when I do, I can't stop myself. I just can't."
Kitty [src]

The young lady who identified herself as Kitty was one of the self-confessed sex addicts who attended an anonymous sexual rehabilitation meeting alongside Jackie Estacado, Becky, and Ricky. While in the meeting, she noticed Jackie's erection and insinuated that she should see it.

Biography Edit

Sex Addict Meeting Edit

Kitty meets with Jackie Estacado at a sex addict meeting. She reveals that she can't do anything to herself once she finds a good looking, single, Italian man. Kitty listened as Becky and Ricky talked about their sex addictions. Becky noticed a bulge in Jackie's pants with Kitty promptly saying that they would like to check it. This forces Jackie to leave.

Personality Edit

Kitty was very flirty and had sexual attraction to good looking, single, Italian men.

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