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Vol. 3 Issue 108

"A thief who enters the house of a Keeper unbidden must be tired of living."
The Keeper to Aram. [src]

The Keeper is a character appearing in The Darkness comics series.

History Edit

Heart of the Ancient One Edit

The Keeper owned an antique shop in Veliko, Bulgaria, were she guarded the heart of the Ancient One. Eventually, Valko Balakov comes looking for the heart and replaces it with his own. He then order the Keeper to guard his former heart. Yearning for her former youth, the Keeper decides to replace her old heart with Balakov's. This makes her younger and she begins to lure young men into her shop and have orgies with them.

As Aram comes looking for Balakov's heart, he breaks into the Keepers shop and confronts her. Aram asks her where is Balakov's heart and the women in return sends the men after him. He quickly defeats the men and then asks the woman where is the Keeper. As the woman smiles, Aram realises that not only is she the Keeper, she also exchanged her heart with Balakov's in order to become younger. The Keeper tries to convince Aram to let her keep the heart, but he doesn't listen to her and takes out the heart. As she begins to die, the Keeper is forced to take her old heart back. With the old heart in her chest, she turns back to a crone.

The Keeper then turns to the young men and asks one of them give their heat to her so she could become young again. Aram stops her and orders the Keeper to let them go. She then watches as Aram walks away with the heart.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Heart Exchange: By replacing her old heart with a new young one, the Keeper can make herself younger.
  • Mind Control: While being in her younger state, the Keeper could mind control young men to partake with her in orgies or use them as guards. She seems to lose this ability while being in her true, old crone body.

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