Jungle King
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King of the Darkness Jungle

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Vol. 3 Issue 96

The Jungle King was unnamed Darkness host, which ruled the jungle level of the Realm of the Darkness.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

The Jungle King was an unnamed man who awaken his Darkness powers during his 21st birthday. At some point he passed his Darkness curse onto his child through conception and moments later dies. After he dies, the Jungle King is sent to the Realm of the Darkness were he becomes a king of a vast jungle.

As the self-proclaimed king, Jungle King rules the jungle with an iron fist, torturing anyone who dared to fight him.

The First Kingdom Edit

After coming to the Realm of the Darkness, Jackie Estacado came upon a tribal woman who was the Jungle King's bedmate. As Jackie approaches her, the Jungle King sees this and immediately attacks him, while riding his giant Darkness insect. Seeing that he can't overpower the Jungle King with seer force, Jackie creates a gun out of Darkness and shoots him in the head, instantly killing him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: As the host of the Darkness, the Jungle King has access to vast array of powers.
    • Darkness Armor: Like most other Darkness hosts, the Jungle King could create a set of armor to protect himself and enhance his strength.
    • Construct Conjuration: The Jungle King could create a giant, winged insect to serve as his mount. The mount possessed both strength and speed that rivalled Jackie's own when he was in his Darkness armor.

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