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Batman (arch-nemesis)

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The Darkness\Batman

"What can I help you with, kid? Time is money! Money is funny! I am funny! So I am time!"
Joker to Jackie Estacado [src]

The Joker is archnemesis of Batman appearing in The Darkness\Batman comic.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

The Joker's past is mysterious no one has no real idea who he is though some claim he is a comedian (Named Jack) who became a criminal after his pregnant wife died. Whatever his origin is, he was involved with the Red hood gang and became the red Hood until he was pushed into a vat of chemicals bleaching his skin white and turning his hair green and this drove him mad. The Joker sees Batman as his true purpose and wants Batman to kill him as he sees life as a joke and nothing more

The Darkness\Batman Edit

Joker is visited by Jackie Estacado in Arkham Asylum. Jackie tries to find out from Joker as to what is Batman's biggest fear. Joker in return only says few crude jokes, which don't make sense to Jackie or his Darklings. Seeing that he won't get the information he wants from Joker, Jackie leaves.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Marksman: The Joker carries revolvers, pistols and a tommy gun which he uses with excellent accuracy. He also uses his cards and other projectile weapons with the same accuracy.
  • Expert Fighter: Joker is an expert fighter both armed and unarmed he primarily uses knives and a crowbar but has sometimes fought Batman unarmed and held his own.
  • Unpredictability/Intellect: Despite his insanity the Joker is very intelligent. He has built a joker toxin, an acid spraying flower, multiple bombs and is an expert tactician as he has outsmarted Batman and Gotham's police on numerous occasions as he is unpredictable.
  • Pain Tolerance/Toxin Immunity: Even if Joker is hurt he will ignore the pain however he can still die just as easily as an other human but if he survives the injury he will keep fighting regardless of the pain and this also means he has toxin immunity as he is unaffected by his own Joker gas.

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