Joe Siry
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Captain of NYPD

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Vol. 1 Issue 9

"Goddamned Lofrumento!!!! What the hell are we doing here?!? Damn you."
Joe to Lofrumento [src]

Joe Siry is the captain of NYPD appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

White Bulls Edit

Joe Siry met with Lofrumento, Jake McCarthy and other renegade cops at White Bull tavern. There they planned to take out both sides of the gang war. Although Jake is hesitant to join, he ultimately agrees with the plan.

Battle at the National Museum Edit

Together with other renegade cops, Siry watched as Setsuke Hirata visited an American Museum of Natural History. Joe Siry is surprised to see her here. Meanwhile, a meeting between Tora No Shi and Takeda with Bruce Wilder begins. Suddenly, Tora pulls out his swords and attacks Takeda. Then Jackie Estacado appears and subdues Tora. A firefight between Yakuza, White Bulls and Jackie erupts. Sara gets to scene, but this makes Witchblade to turn hostile towards Jackie and attack him. This cause Jackie to attack Sara. The two get into a fight.

As they fight, Siry screamed at Lofrumento blaming him for getting them into this mess.

Personality Edit

Joey was a hardened police officer that was willing to go against the rules in order to stop the gang war.

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