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The Darkness: Hope

"Let me be happy to see, honey."
Jenny Romano to Hope. [src]

Jenny Romano (Darling) is a Darkling version of the real Jenny Romano appearing in The Darkness: Hope.

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The Darkness: Hope Edit

In an alternate future, Jackie Estacado lost control over the Darkness and destroys humanity, including ten out of thirteen artifact wielders. Only Rachel, Finn and Jackie survive. Over the next ten thousands years, Jackie collected various artifacts, which helped him to recreate the entire humanity as Darklings, including Jenny herself.

Some time later, Jake Meer went together with Hope to her home in order to as Jackie about the day he saved the world. There they met Jenny and had a dinner together. After meeting with Rachel Harrison, Hope ran to her parents house where she saw that both her mother and herself are human Darklings except for Jackie. Hope and Jackie then go outside to talk, while Jenny goes upstairs.

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