Jebediah Honkstein Souvenir Store
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Notable Inhabitants:

Jebediah Honkstein (Owner)

Real World Information

Vol. 1 Issue 34
Vol. 1 Issue 34

The Jebediah Hinkstein's Souvenir Store is a location featured in Vol. 1 Issue 34 of The Darkness comic series.

History Edit

The Souvenir Store was owned by Jebediah Honkstein parents who eventually left it to him. The store was invaded by Conquistador and Cherub Hostile who looking for a weapon that would send all human souls to purgatory. They killed the stores owner Jebediah Honsktein and then proceed to excavate the place in search of the weapon. Cherub Hostile eventually find the weapon and then leave the store. Cherub Hostile claimed that the store was built on a sacred ground.

Gallery Edit

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