Jean-Luc Lambert
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The Darkness II

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"You are disgrace to the Darkness. Die by my hand!"
Lambert to the Vendettas. [src]

Jean-Luc Lambert was an antagonist in the Vendettas campaign in The Darkness II. Together with his twin sister Amelie Dubois they were in charge of Old East Docks for the Brotherhood.

Biography Edit

The Darkness II Edit

Vendettas Edit

Jean-Luc Lambert together with his twin sister Amelie, owned a shipping company that the Brotherhood used to ship artifacts and weaponry for themselves. After the Brotherhood discover the Spear of Destiny, the twins were tasked in shipping the artifact to New York. After Vendettas come to the docks seeking to steal the spear from the Brotherhood clutches David Graves orders Jean-Luc with his sister to kill them. Using their teleportation powers they unsuccessfully try to take out the assassins from above. Having failed to accomplish this, Jean-Luc and Amelie run into a boat house, waiting for the Vendettas to come after them.

The two then again attack assassins, now wearing a Darkness substance armor. Even with their increased durability and their combined efforts, the Vendettas manage to overpower and kill them.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: Being a member of the Brotherhood, Jean was infused with the Darkness essence.
    • Teleportation: Jean could quickly move through the environment in the form of purple smoke.
    • Darkness Substance Armor: Later Jean becomes encased in a armor made of a Darkness like substance, which increases his durability.

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Marksman: Jean was a proficient marksman, preferring a shotgun as his primary weapon.


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