Jarlos Alverez
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Drug Smuggler

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Vol. 1 Issue 30

"A sweet little slice of white bread like you used to be married to Slay - the meanest S.O.B. in the Miami underground?"
Maxim to Kamala [src]

Jarlos Alverez as known as Slay is a drug smuggler appearing in Vol. 1 Issue 31 of The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Meeting with Kamila Edit

Jarlos met with Kamala when she was twelve. They both fell in love and Kamala conceived Carter. She then took Carter and escaped, leaving Jarlos behind. Eventually, Jarlos tracked down Kamala and sent his men to kidnap Carter. They do that and bring Carter to Jarlos.

Visit by Jackie Edit

The henchmen take Jackie Estacado to a private oil rig in the middle of ocean, which Slay fashioned into a a private island. As they get on the oil rig, Jackie manages to take a gun from the henchmen and open fire on them. He kills couple of henchmen before he's interrupted by Slay, who questions his motives. Jackie answers that he's looking for Carter. After some persuasion from Jackie, Slay lets him to see Carter one last time before he kills him. He brings Carter who is happy to see Jackie and reveals that Darklings talk to him every night. He asks Jackie if he will make them stop to, which he answers to Carter that he will.

Jackie tells Slay that they're leaving and jumps off the rig into the water. Slay quickly sends his men after him as Jackie swims deeper trying to reach the dark ocean floor. Jackie's Darklings sink the rig, killing everyone on it except for Slay. As Slay begins to sink, Jackie leaves him to the mercy of the Darklings.

Personality Edit

Jarlos Alverez is a gentleman that respects well mannered people. When Jackie showed respect to him, Jarlos let him to have a talk with him. Jarlos cared about his son, Carter, claiming he wanted to ensure that the boy would live a good life. Although, he didn't care what Carter thought about his intentions and with whom he wanted to be.

But under the sophisticated look, Jarlos hides a sadistic side. He's known to have an infamous reputation in drug smuggling as pointed out by Maxim, saying that he's meanest son of bitch in underground Miami.

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