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Vol. 2 Issue 7

"Screw you, Jackie boy... This is my turf an' you're walkin' on the grass."
Jake Nightly to Jackie Estacado. [src]

Jake Nightly is a mobster appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Jake worked as a muscle to various mafia families. At some point he wanted to become Frankie Franchetti's personal bodyguard, but Frankie chose Jackie Estacado instead, leaving Jake with a grudge on him.

Mob War Edit

After Jackie takes control of the Franchetti Mafia, Jake decides to kill him and take the control from his hands. He kills few of mobsters who served the family, including Vincenze Xeni as to send a message to Jackie.

Jackie eventually meets with Jake at a downtown penn station. Jake declares that his Uncle Frankie owed them and now he does to. He reveals that he wanted to become Frankie's bodyguard, but then Jackie came in and took his place. Jake then begins to repeatedly punch Jackie. Jackie's bodyguards try to interfere, but are quickly killed by a sniper. All hell break loose and a shoot out erupts in station. Jackie pulls out a knife and stabs it into Jakes leg. Jake gets into a car and escapes, but not before leaving a bomb inside.

After getting home, Jake's partner offers him to lay low for a while, but Jake responds that he won't do it as this is his town.

Assault on Safe House Edit

The next day Jake assaults Franchetti Mafia's safe house, killing everyone inside and taking one women as a hostage. Jackie tries to calm down the woman, but Nightly opens fire on him. He then shoots the hostage straight through the head. Jackie and Nightly lock into a fist fight. Nightly reveals that he raped Jenny's death body. This makes Jackie to go into rage. After a brief fight, Jackie takes the upper hand and aims a gun to Nightly's head, makes him beg for mercy. Nightly answers that its not his style to beg. Before killing Nightly, Jackie proceeds to turn of the lights and declares that he wants to introduce his "friends" to him.

Fate Edit

Although not shown, its implied that Jake was killed by The Darkness when Jackie turned off the lights.

Personality Edit

Jake is well known women hater, which as Jackie reveals is because of his impotency. He sees all the women as dirty whores and likes to kill them in violent fashion. Jake is incredibly sadistic and doesn't approve any authority except his own. He was bitter and highly resentful that Jackie was Frankie's favorite.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert Marksman: Jake was shown to be adept in rifles when he kills Vincenze Xeni with one.
  • Close-Quarter Combatant: Jake could easily hold his own when fighting Jackie in close quarters.

Gallery Edit

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