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The Darkness: Hope

Jake Meer is a journalist appearing in The Darkness: Hope.

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The Darkness: Hope Edit

After a crazy man smashes a window in the coffee shop while Hope and Leah Baptiste were inside, Jake meets them. They discuss what happened and Hope with Jake decide to leave as they running late for their interview.

Professor McNair met with Hope and Jake Meer who wanted to interview her about the fact that they're living under different night sky. The professor explains that according to the changed position of the stars they must be more than 10000 years in what they think of as the future. Hope is shocked to hear this. Jake and Hope then leave. Hope decides to visit her parents and Jake joins her, wanting to interview Jackie Estacado about the day he saved the world.

At Hope's parents home they meet Jenny and have a dinner together. Terrified by Jackie's eyes and Darklings, Jake decides to not interview him. The next day, Jake meets with Hope. He reveals to have tracked down the address of the crazy man from the coffee shop, which turns out to be Horace Grimes Memorial Asylum. There, they're met by a man who invites them to meet their "Lady". He says that the "Lady" has revealed some of them the truth of things. The "Lady" turns out to be Rachel Harrison wielder of the Heart Stone. She touches Hope to let her see the "truth". She then sees Jake to be a Darkling. As they take a train home, Hope suddenly runs away, saying that she will see him tomorrow.

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