Jake McCarthy
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NYPD Detective

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Vol. 1 Issue 8

Jake McCarthy is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

After Sara Pezzini loses her partner in Rialto, Jake gets his place. He is almost immediately pulled into the Witchblade’s web and the mystery surrounding Sara.

Attack on NYPD Edit

When Tora No Shi attacks the NYPD, he rushes back to force. Jake visits the murder scene of Sadayuki Hosobuchi. Later in a White Bull tavern, Jake McCarthy meets with Joe Siry and a group of renegade cops. They come with the plan on killing the major player in gang war and take revenge for the attack on the NYPD. Although Jake is hesitant to join, he ultimately agrees with the plan.

Battle at the National Museum Edit

Together with other renegade cops, Jake watched as Setsuke Hirata visited an American Museum of Natural History. Joe Siry is surprised to see her here. Meanwhile, a meeting between Tora No Shi and Takata with Bruce Wilder begins. Suddenly, Tora pulls out his swords and attacks Takata. Then Jackie Estacado appears and subdues Tora. A firefight between Yakuza, White Bulls and Jackie erupts. Sara gets to scene, but this makes Witchblade to turn hostile towards Jackie and attack him. This cause Jackie to attack Sara. The two get into a fight.

As Sara and Jackie get tired, Ian and Sonatine come into the museum. Under orders of Sonatine, Ian kills Takata. He then proceeds to absorb both The Darkness and Witchblade to the shock of Sara and Jackie.

Personality Edit

Jake was trusted partner of Sara, instantly getting a connection with her. He was interested in Sara's Witchblade. Eventually he develops romantic feelings for her.

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