Jackie Estacado
Jackie Darkness
Biographical Information
  • Darkness
  • Jack Estes
  • Boss
  • El 'Ocaso, Mr. Ocaso, Mr. O
  • Jaybird
  • Darkman
  • Antichrist






Character Information
  • Contract Killer (Formerly)
  • Mafia Don (Formerly)
  • Drug Lord, Dictator (Formerly)
Real World Information
First Appearance:

Vol. 1 Issue 1

A former hit-man for the Franchetti Mafia, Jackie Estacado is the current wielder of the Darkness. Charismatic and strong-willed, Jackie is often described as among the most powerful and the most enduring hosts in the curse's long history; having held fast against its influences.

He retired from Frankie's service after his encounter with Batman, which encouraged him to turn Frankie over to the authorities and retire from the mob, but at the cost of his girlfriend Jenny Romano, whom Frankie murdered in retaliation. Torn with grief, Jackie led Frankie to an abandoned warehouse soaked in gasoline and burned both himself and Frankie to death.

He spent some time in Hell until The Darkness brought him back to life. He was blackmailed into working for Frankie's cousin Paulie Franchetti for some time, until he killed him as well and took control of The Franchetti Mafia. While possessed by The Darkness, he had sex with and impregnated a comatose Sara Pezzini, making him the father of Hope Pezzini. He was a drug lord in Sierra Munoz along with Professor Kirchner until he was betrayed and nearly killed by The Darkness himself, casting his soul into Hell. Jackie also helped to destroy The Sovereign, but at the cost of Leonard Kim's life.


Early Life

Jackie was born October 29, 1981 somewhere in New York City, New York. His mother died shortly after giving birth to him and his sister Capris. He was enrolled at Saint Garards orphanage at the same time as Jenny Romano. Jackie developed a close relationship with Jenny and would look after her while they were on the streets together. Whenever anyone hurt or abused Jenny, even orphanage officials, Jackie would become violent towards her abusers and would not rest until he put them in the hospital.

Mafia Life

He joined the Mafia at the very early age of 6, after being recruited by a mafia don named Frankie "Kill-the-children-too" Franchetti. He was picked up at the orphanage after Frankie was prompted by a mysterious stranger named Sonatine, who told Frankie that having Jackie around would bring him tremendous power.

Jackie was exposed to the life of very negative and violent forces as he grew up. However, he was also installed with good morals and was taught the value of loyalty by people such as Butcher Joyce.

Jackie came to the mafia life easily, losing his virginity to a female officer during interrogation at age 14 and making his first hit at 16. He grew up, or more accurately matured, very quickly, and soon enjoyed the life of sex and violence. His actions within the mob caused Franchetti to become the most powerful don in the city, fulfilling Sonatine's prophecy. All during this time, The Angelus kept watch of Jackie with a mystical mirror within the top of The Empire State Building.

The Darkness Awakens

On the eve of his 21st birthday, Jackie was in his apartment when the clock struck 12:00 A.M. Jackie heard The Darkness speaking to him with telepathy, telling him that he could have anything he wanted and that all he had to do was let The Darkness out. The Darkness awakened within him and he learned of his birthright as host of The Darkness. At first, this power was a blessing, allowing his job as a professional hitman to run more smoothly and work in more novel ways. However, this power introduced many enemies into his life.

Early on, Jackie spent much of his time escaping from or fighting The Angelus (who wants to kill him), and Sonatine and his Brotherhood of The Darkness (who wish to capture him and either control him or steal his powers for their own agendas).


Eventually, Jackie realized that he could use his powers for more noble ends and chose to quit the mob, but found it easier said than done. Jackie had turned on his adoptive uncle, Don Frankie Franchetti, to get a clean slate and exit from his life of crime after a meeting with Batman.

However, after Frankie kidnapped Jenny, a childhood friend of Jackie's, Frankie killed her and sent a videotape to Jackie in revenge. Jackie could not take this and called out Franchetti's mob, leading them to an abandoned warehouse covered in gasoline. When the crew arrived to kill Estacado, Jackie and the Darklings threw down their lighters and blew the place, and all its occupants, to bits, killing Frankie and burning Jackie alive.


Jackie spent two days (or 'what seemed to him like a million years') afterward wandering around Hell, searching for Jenny, until Tom Judge came and gave him hope, a gift that allows men to exit Hell. Jackie's body was then reconstructed by The Darkness from only his lower jaw.

Jackie returned to find the Franchetti mob taken over by Frankie's amateur cousin, Paulie. Paulie was able to discover Jackie's secret as well as a long-lost sister of Jenny's. Using this information, Paulie blackmailed Jackie into doing hits for him. Along the way, Jackie learned how to construct a gun out of The Darkness. Later, Jackie discovered the identity of the hitman following Jenny's sister, killed him, and took his revenge on Paulie as well. This led to Jackie taking control of the Franchetti family. With control of the Franchetti family, Jackie vastly expanded his mafia, taken on the Triads, and fought the Russian Mafia in Atlantic City.

Mafia Don

Being the Don of the Italian Mafia in New York did not last long however. In search for revenge the new Angelus once again confronts Jackie and with the help of Patience The Magdalena and Witchblade wielder Danielle Baptiste, Estacado managed to crush her, losing everything he had gained. He flees to Sierra Muñoz in hope of establishing a new empire there.

Jackie Estacado is also the biological father of Hope Pezzini, Sara Pezzini's mystical child. He himself could not explain it properly apart from saying that it had to with 'Darkness wanting to tip the balance'. The Darkness himself confirms this to Patience by saying that he used Jackie as raw material to settle the matter with The Angelus once and for all.

Sierra Munoz

Recently, Jackie has established a drug cartel in Sierra Muñoz with a narcotic made from his own bodily fluids thanks to the help of a demented, but brilliant scientist named Professor Kirchner. With the Darkness, Jackie is able to take control of the small tropical republic, build himself an impenetrable fortress, an army and eventually, even a lover he calls 'Elle'.

Most of this came at a price since the residents of Sierra Muñoz did not take very kindly to him. To express their distaste, they perform various acts of guerrilla warfare and suicide bombing in their struggle for liberation. They manage to find themselves a sponsor in their struggle- The United States military, who wish to capture Jackie for both trails and to learn about his armor. Jackie went to fight the army head on and using The Darkness he was able to take out their entire fleet. Returning his fortress he is betrayed by Kirchner and loses control of his power with his darklings turning on him. Jackie was left for dead after being shot in the neck and falling down a waterfall. Upon his capture he made a deal with the local rebels agreeing to rid the island of the drug. In doing so he crossed paths with Elle and she showed Jackie that she is pregnant with his baby.

The child however killed Elle upon birth, grew to full maturity and killed Professor Kirchner. A fight between father and son ended when Jackie left the creature in the upper atmosphere just as dawn was breaking. The creature was then destroyed by the suns rays as he was The Darkness himself.

The Sovereign

After crashing to Earth following this battle, Jackie was 'broken'. He was only able to draw just enough strength to keep himself alive through a number of fights while trying to stay alive, including Mexican witches, wannabe gangsters, and even Aphrodite IV. During one such fight, he was knocked out and taken to a Demon known as The Sovereign, who was a being capable of inhabiting any statue bearing his likeness, who told Jackie he died for an instant after fighting his child. This separated The Darkness from his body and mind, leaving him in his broken state on Earth. In return for a number of assassinations, The Sovereign would reunite Jackie with The Darkness.

The assassinations Jackie was sent on were meant to return to Hell evil souls, who had previously made a deal with The Sovereign to either take over Human bodies or to achieve immortality. After one such mission in Africa, Jackie was enticed by a beautiful woman with a red scarf, who motioned for him to follow. As he was about to follow her into a house, he was stopped by a man who claimed to have once hosted The Darkness, but had completely discarded him without dying. He warned Jackie of the trap laid hundreds of years earlier, which Jackie ignored.

Inside the building the woman waited, along with a Djinn which was created to find and kill The Darkness. Eventually, Jackie understood that both the woman and the Djinn were cursed themselves, to live only to hunt The Darkness. By strangling the woman, both were released. Outside, Jackie was once more confronted by the old Darkness host, who explained that Jackie still held the power completely within him, only held back by his own wish to be without The Darkness. Through a series of insults and physical attacks, Jackie once more called The Darkness back into his body. Whole again, Jackie fought the old Darkness wielder, claiming to be sick of people who tried to mess with his head. The man disapeared in the confusion and together with the always talkative Darklings, he stated his desire to return home.

Attacking the building where The Sovereign held his base, Jackie found himself caught in a room flooded with artificial sunlight and a score of bodies controlled by The Sovereign. With the help of the Darklings biting the power lines outside, Jackie destroyed all the bodies, leaving only one man behind. Jackie, impressed with the ability of this man to stay calm where all the other mercenaries had panicked, offered him a job.

Jackie quickly brought together a group of people with distinct skills for a single purpose: to destroy each and every statue that might be used by The Sovereign, effectively removing his presence from Earth. During this time, Jackie was called by Sara who suspected him of robbing a number of New York banks. During a meeting in broad daylight Sara warned Jackie to stay away from the city, not wanting to tell her daughter Hope that 'mommy had killed daddy.' Jackie agreed and instructed his new employees that under no circumstance were they to enter the city of New York.

Jackie and his team then go on a world tour finding and destroying stone bodies that The Sovereign could use as hosts. One of these trips takes him to Fort Knox where a host statue is held. During the raid Jackie discovers that The Sovereign has already taken over the statue as it is radiating light. Jackie is forced to take the Sovereign-possessed statue with them he orders his team to detonate the explosives they had set earlier. Unfortunately for Jackie, he falls from the van and is left helpless as tanks and marines surround him on orders by Major White, who survived the explosion back in Sierra Munoz.

Jackie holds his own against the marines but is shot down and captured. Linked to an electronic shock disc, Major White Informs Jackie that members of Hunter Killer are coming to take him and study his powers. Meanwhile, The Sovereign tries to bargain with Jackie's team, however out of loyalty to Jackie, they refuse and The Sovereign attacks them. The team manage to destroy The Sovereign by hitting the breaks on the van, tossing The Sovereign through the windshield and detonating the C4 explosives on his back. White informs Jackie that Jackie's power must not be used by anybody but him (Jackie). White shuts down the power in the base and willingly lets Jackie break his jaw and escape. Jackie makes his way to a parking lot building where the squad of Hunter-Killers are after him. After a visit from the old Darkness host, Jackie manages to evade the squad by making copies of himself and fooling the team into thinking they had caught him, while Jackie hides and escapes by using The Darkness to shapeshift into an old lady.

The Alkonost

While on a plane headed for New Jersey to retrieve another Sovereign statue, Jackie begins having strange dreams of his teenage self wearing a costume-like Darkness armor and chasing Capris through the orphanage he grew up in. He then wakes up and dismisses the thought from his mind. He and Tyne begin discussing the basics of their new venture, a Sovereign statue that was bought by Vasily Martynov, a retired Russian mobster turned art collector who built an empire through Human trafficking with whom Dev Ravada has done business. While on a van to Martynov's mansion, Jackie sees a boy and a girl in an alley, thinking they are part of Martynov's trafficking he chases them into the alley until they disappear.

At the Vasily's mansion, the art collector greets them and has a dinner with the team. Jackie dislikes Vasily, but is more interest in his bodyguard Arvo. Martynov calms Jackie down by saying that Argo is deaf and only focuses on the biggest threats he sees. Argo is then sent to prepare the Sovereign's statue. Meanwhile, Jackie goes to a restroom. On his way he sees young children working in the kitchen. Suddenly, Argo appears carrying the container with Sovereign's statue, which startles Jackie.

As the team leaves, Jackie decides to comeback to the mansion and free the children, that Vasily keeps. Dev explains that they're all criminals and its Vasily's business what he does, not theirs. Jackie still decides to go through with his plan and leaves. There he kills two bodyguards. Suddenly, he sees Capris again and chases after her, fully understanding that this is a trap. When he finally catches up to Capris, he finds her in the company of the Sovereign and Sonatine. Jackie proceeds to attack The Sovereign, Sonatine and their army, but every time he kills them, they stand up to fight again. Suddenly, he sees a knight who tells Jackie to do not resist and rest his mind. Then Jackie is overwhelmed by the attackers.

Jackie wakes up tied to an underground machine along the knight he saw earlier. In the middle of the room, he sees an angel laying on a pedestal with a spear sticking out of her body. The knight explains that this machine siphons their energy, the more they resist. Jackie's fight with his enemies and seeing his sister Capris was all just an illusion created by The Alkonost. The Alkonost voice purifies the soul of the wicked and at it's full strength, can erase memory. Perverted by Arvo's machine, the Alkonost's song drives one to fight for what they love the most, unaware they are merely trapped in an illusion and feeding the engine of their imprisonment. Unless they somehow block her voice, they will always fall to the Alkonost's spell.

The knight reveals that he was raised to defend the Alkonost from birth. As champion of the Holy Order of the Holy Voice it was he's task to follow and guard the Alkonost as she wandered the Earth. But as the knight grew old and an apprentice was brought to him, Arvo. Arvo was very devoted to the cause, but eventually decided to have the Alkonost for himself only. He defeated the knight and then drove his lance into the Alkonost. Since then Arvo and Martynov lures supernatural beings to this place and sucks their mystical dry as the Alkonost voice is particularly strong against beings of magic. Arvo then comes and begins to rape the Alkonost.

Meanwhile, Jackie tries to shield his ears with the help of the Darkness. Unfortunately, he falls under the Alkonost spell again, just like the knight himself.

Eventually, Jackie manages to break free from Alkonost's influences and frees the knight, but is attacked by enraged Arvo. Arvo begins to strangle Jackie, but the knight droves the lance he pulled from the Alkonost into him. In rage, Arvo knocks away the knight into the Alkonost pedestal. Freed Jackie quickly recreates eardrums inside Arvo's ears. As Arvo hears the Alkonost song again, he's memory is completely erased. Because of the severe head trauma he received from Arvo, the knight dies in the hands of the Alkonost, claiming that dying in her presence is his greatest honour.

Moved by Jackie's mercy shown to her, the Alkonost begins to cry. A tear then drops onto Jackie's arm, crystallizing it. She then flies through Vasily's house and leaves. After the Alkonost leaves, Jackie cuts Arvo in half.

The Apostate

One day as Jackie was sleeping, Regis Tyne comes to kill him with Sun Dagger. At the last moment Tyne decides that Jackie's body is the best prison for the Darkness, Angelus could ever hope for. As he puts away the dagger, Jackie suddenly awakes and cuts off Tyne's head. The Sun Dagger falls out of Tyne's hand and cuts off Jackie's toe.

After Jackie kills Tyne, he reconstructs his former teammate using the Darkness. Although Tyne was dead, the new Darkling retained all the knowledge and memories of the mob accountant. The Darkling then told the entire Tyne's back story and revealing that he was a member of the School of Angelus, and was sent by them to kill Jackie.

Estacado orders the reanimated Tyne to play along that nothing happened to him and orders to help the crew to gear up as they will be traveling to Egypt to destroy the last the Sovereign statue in the morning. As the new Tyne proceeds to walk away, Jackie tells him to stay out of the light.

The Last Statue of The Sovereign

Weeks later, Jackie and his team travel to Egypt to find the last Sovereign's statues. Leonard Kim, Vike and Kash O'Neal take out the small militia defending the Sovereign's temple. Then they are attacked by an army of The Sovereign stone statues. The team is overwhelmed, but Jackie quickly destroys the army by using his Darkness powers. As the team inhale dust from the destroyed statues they lose consciousness and get trapped in a illusion. Understanding that the Sovereign wants to fight only him, Jackie sends his Darklings to take the team to safety. He then goes into the temple and searches for the last statue. Jackie finds the temple empty when suddenly a giant Sovereign statue emerges from below the temple.

Jackie and the Sovereign battle each other. After a tough fight, Jackie shatters the statue. From the remains another Sovereign's statue emerges. Made from a meteorite, the statue radiated both light and deadly amounts of radiation. This quickly incapacitates Jackie and begins to slowly burn his flesh.

Eventually Kim snaps out from the illusion and jumps to help Jackie to defeat the meteorite statue of the Sovereign. The Sovereign is confused as to how Kim managed to wake up from his illusion. Kim explains in the illusion, there was no one to share with his fortune. He then proceeds to shatter the statue and succumbs to the radiation poisoning. Jackie tries to help him, but Kim refuses saying that he doesn't want the Darkness inside of him. With the last breath he asks Jackie to send his payment to his family. When Vike and O'Neal regain their conscious, they find Kim dead, laying in Jackie's arms. Tyne urges them to stay back for their own safety.

Outer Darkness

Jackie and Tyne then attended Kim's funeral, where the Darkling pondered what is like to have funeral. After the ceremony is over, Vike and Kash say their farewells go separate ways. Tyne then took Jackie to his home. Jackie then decides to take a walk. Darklings are bored and urge Jackie to give them something to do. Instead of listening to them, Jackie kills one of them and leaves.

As he walks down the street, Jackie is stopped by Aram. He warns Jackie, that the Darkness is preparing to deal with him and find a new host. Jackie disregards his warnings and walks away. He then goes to a park and watches parents with their children play, which reminds him of Hope. Suddenly an officer approaches him and says that he's spooking some of the parents. As Jackie tries to leave the cop stops him and points a gun at him. Then the shooter falls from the skyscraper, landing in front of Jackie. Then out of nowhere Butcher Joyce appears and points a shotgun at Jackie, ordering him to stay still.

Butcher then shoots the officer in the head and the two proceed to run away. Butcher reveals that the cop was actually a hitman sent after Jackie. They then decide to get off the street and hide in the sewers.Two mercenaries follow them into the sewers were they're killed by Jackie. After explaining why he does hits now, Butcher reveals that someone ordered a hit on Jackie. They then go to Jackie's home. Jackie finds it suspicious that all the Darklings are missing. Tyne reveals that the Darklings upon ordered by the Darkness left.

Suddenly, Tyne is possessed by the Darkness and turns into a giant lion. The Darkness says that it has been looking for new hosts for itself and are planning to kill Jackie in order to be free of him. It then attacks him, but Jackie manages to bring Tyne back from the Darkness possession. Jackie then decides to let go Tyne and give him free will to do what he wants. Tyne then proceeds to walk outside and commits suicide by coming into the direct sunlight much to Jackie's astonishment.

In order to find out who ordered the hit, Butcher pretended to have killed Jackie and met with Rashad Arrington and his two henchmen who worked for the mysterious man who put the hit, sixty miles west of Chicago. As he brings the corpse, Joey, one of the henchmen, says that he thought that Jackie was taller. Butcher explains that the body always shrinks up after death.

Joey then proceeds on checking the bullet wounds, expressing how thorough as he can fit his whole fist in the exit wounds. As he puts his finger into one of the bullet holes, it closes up, cutting his finger off. Suddenly, Jackie wakes up and rips apart Joey and his colleague.

Rashad opens fire on him, but Jackie mocks him for using a gun when he has the power of the Darkness at his fingertips. After hearing this, Rashad proceeds to summon an army of Darklings. Jackie is quickly overwhelmed by the Darklings, but Butcher shoots phosphorous flare, which kills them. Rashad then himself attacks Jackie. The two fight and Jackie manages to kill Rashad by driving his arm through his chest and pulling out Arrington's heart. Jackie then proceeds to rip open Rashad's corpse and looks for clues where his employers could be. He finds out that Rashad came from Omaha and that's where they decide to go

As Butcher goes to have a little bit of sleep, Jackie decides to not put Butcher in bigger danger then he's already is and leaves him behind with a bag full of money.


Jackie then booked a flight to Omaha. As the plane takes off, Clark McKendricks, sent by the same people who want Jackie dead, envelops in his Darkness armour and attacks Jackie. Estacado tells passengers to lay low, but McKendricks uses them to get a hit on him. Jackie then punches him through his throat. Heavily bleeding from his throat, McKendricks rips open the planes doors. This causes the plane to explode in mid-air.

After the plane explodes, Jackie sees a girl falling. As Jackie catches up to her, the girl reveals her true Darkling form and attacks him. This makes Jackie to quickly fall to the ground. The Darkling reveals that Jackie's can't make him disappear as he was sent by the Darkness itself. Seconds before hitting the ground, Jackie manages to crush the Darklings head, thus killing him.

Moments before hitting the ground, Jackie manages to stop his fall, but hits a tree and losses his conscious. In the morning next day, two members of the national guard in an hazmat suits find unconscious Jackie. As they debate what should they do with him, Jackie wakes up and they explain that a zombie like plague has fallen onto Omaha over the night, much to his surprise. Believing Jackie to be infected they take him to the pig farm.As the night fall, Jackie is brought to the containment.

As he looks at the infected, Jackie realises that they're being controlled by the Darkness. The infected then proceed to attack Jackie. As he's being overwhelmed, Donnie and his partner open fire on them. Jackie then reaches to the gun and uses it to destroy the lights. He then confronts the infected in his Darkness armor and urges the two men to run away. Donnie and his partner comply, they get into a car and drive away.

Meanwhile, Jackie gets outside and is overwhelmed by the infected who start to drown him. Suddenly he's pulled out by Elle, who then defends Jackie from the infected. She unleashes packs of Darkling-like creatures whom she revealed to be her and Jackie's offspring, created from Jackie's seed that she had kept and fertilized within her from their many sexual encounters.

Elle says that after Sierra Muñoz hid in the shadow until she recovered from her wounds. Then she left the city in search of Jackie as military was looking for her. By hiding in train cars Elle finally reached the states. After she felt such an upheaval in the Darkness, Elle manages to track down Jackie. Jackie then tries to create an antidote for the virus, but fails as the infected are full of mutating Darkness bugs. He decides that he needs to find and destroy the source of this and Elle promises to help him.

When they reach Omaha, Jackie and Elle hide in an empty apartment . Jackie listens to the radio trying to understand the magnitude of the infections. He is puzzled as to why the Darkness do such thing. Elle explains that the Darkness is just evil and always yearns for destruction. They're interrupted by Aram who comes to give Jackie his crystallized arm that he left behind after the encounter with Alkonost. He warns Jackie to use this weapon only as his last resort. Suddenly, Jackie's clone finds them and Jackie with Elle attacks it. Meanwhile a helicopter watches them fight. Although Elle's Darklings kill the infected, the clone revives them and then proceed to incapacitate Jackie. While the clone is focused on him, Jackie crashes the helicopter on top of them. As the clone dies in the fire, Jackie stumbles out of the fire and lays in Elle's arms. Out of no where, Elle is cut in half by Capris Castiglione who then attacks Jackie much to his shock.

Jackie questions her why did she do all of this. Capris answers that after Jackie became a weak host, the Darkness sought her. Seduced by its powers, Capris went on to wage war against her brother. She then summons an army of Darklings and sends them against Jackie. The Darklings notice Aram, but ignore him. Aram urges Jackie to not use the crystallized arm yet and wait for the right moment to strike.

After being convinced by Elle to cancel out the Darkness, Aram does this, leaving both Capris and Jackie powerless. Using this chance, Jackie proceeds to drive his crystallized arm through her sister's chest, instantly killing her. Aram then gives Jackie the Sun Dagger and reveals that if he wants to completely destroy the Darkness, he needs to kill himself and go to its realm to confront it. Jackie can't bring himself to take his own life and Aram leaves, saying that eventually he will do it.

Some time later, Jackie has moves in with Sara. One morning he's woken up by the Darkness. The Darkness mocks him and threatens to take Hope as its new host. Finally, Jackie decides to go and confront the Darkness. He takes the Sun Dagger and stabs himself into his chest.

Realm of the Darkness

After taking his life, Jackie is transferred to the Realm of the Darkness. The realm manifests as a vast jungle with a huge mountain in the middle of it. As he enters the jungle, Jackie comes across a group of tribal people eating small roots. He cuts one of the bigger fruits growing on the roots and show to them that they're edible. The tribal people begin to follow Jackie and they decide to cross the river. Suddenly, a rival hostile tribe runs out from the other side of the river and attacks them. Jackie defends his people and kills the hostile tribe. Out of gratitude, the tribe people mark Jackie and themselves with their blood. They eventually reach the mountain, but seeing it to steep to climb, Jackie turns around back into the jungle.

In the jungle, Jackie and the tribal people come across tied up and tortured people. They continue to travel and Jackie comes across a beautiful tribal woman bathing in the river. As Jackie approaches her, the Jungle King sees this and immediately attacks him, while riding his giant Darkness insect. Seeing that he can't overpower the Jungle King with seer force, Jackie creates a gun out of Darkness and shoots him in the head, instantly killing him.

For killing him, the tribal woman puts his crown onto Jackie's head, declaring him the new king of the jungle, but Estacado rejects the crown and instead creates his own. The tribal woman marks herself with the blood becoming part of Jackie's tribe. The tribal woman then became Jackie's lover and even conceives a child with him. Eventually, Jackie decides to leave her behind in order to continue his guest to find and kill the Darkness. He breaks his crown and proceeds to climb the mountain. As he reaches the top, Sonatine is already waiting for Jackie and gives him his hand.

Black Guidon

Sonatine calms Jackie, saying that he means no harm to him. He says that he always wanted to become one with the Darkness, but now his wish brought his ultimate torment. Below a war wages between a Darkness wielder and an army of Darklings. Sonatine explains that the dead souls of past Darkness wielders are brought here to forever perpetually fight each other. Jackie questions Sonatine as to how he came here as he isn't a Darkness wielder and he's was last seen possessing Wenders body. Sonatine answers that Jackie gives him too much credit and telling that more likely Wenders was just crazy.

Suddenly they're confronted by an army of Darklings belonging to the Green Pennant faction. Jackie attacks them and quickly kills all of them. He's then confronted by a past Darkness wielder, Lulkam-Sin the leader of Black Guidon faction riding a giant Darkness serpent. As Lulkam-Sin's serpent is hungry, he orders Sonatine to feed it by cutting his arm throwing to the serpent as food. Sonatine is then ordered to leave. Lulkam-Sin proceeds to tell him that Jackie now will ride with him as killing those Darklings was a declaration of war to the Green Pennant. They're then attacked by the Darklings and the two of them fight them off. After the battle, Lulkam-Sin takes Jackie with himself as a giant maw opens up to swallow the dead. Lulkam-Sin explains that the maw swallows the corpses of the dead, but the Darkness wielders are brought back to fight more.

Jackie is then brought to Lulkam-Sin's main camp. He notices Sonatine leaving and Jackie decides to follow him. Jackie asks him from were did the slaves in the camp, came as they're not Darkness wielders. Sonatine explains that everyone killed by the Darkness wielders, if they deserve, come to this realm to be forever bound in it. He continues by saying that he knows Jackie wants to kills the Darkness and Sonatine decides to help him to accomplish. Sonatine reveals that if Jackie wants to reach the very heart of the Darkness, he must go through the maw as it consumes the dead.

After they rest, Lulkam-Sin and Jackie continue to fight the Green Pennant. Jackie then convinces Lulkam-Sin to push the Green Pennant to the maw and thus take over all their territory. Together they push the Darklings to the centre of the maw. As the maw opens up, Jackie decides to stay, but Lulkam-Sin refuses to let him go. He grabs Jackie and tries to drag him away. Jackie struggles free and stabs Lulkam-Sin in the chest. The two then proceed to fall into the maw were Lulkam-Sin is digested.

The Family Business

In the maw, Jackie encounters Capris slowly being dissolved. She doesn't remember who she is, but seem to recognize Jackie. Jackie explains that her name is Capris and he is her brother. Capris is then completely dissolved to be re-purposed by the Darkness. Jackie then begins to navigate the guts of the maw. As he goes deeper, he begins to sees people that have done terrible things. Eventually, Jackie drops out from a sewer into a Darkness version of New Jersey.

Jackie asks a homeless man where he is. The latter answers that Jackie is in New Jersey and then gives him a dose of Nightfall. Before he can find out where did the homeless man got the drug from, he's killed by Paulie Franchetti and his henchmen. Seeing that Jackie has survived the attacks, Paulie turns around the car and attacks him again. Jackie then lifts part of the road causing the car to fly into a building and explode. Impressed by his actions a man approaches Jackie who turns out to be Danny Estacado himself. 

In order to bond with him, Danny buys Jackie a new suit. As Carlo the owner of the shop leaves, they're attacked by a Cuban gang. Jackie quickly creates a grenade and throws it at the gang, killing them. Danny then confronts Carlo for setting them up. After threatening Carlo, Danny decides to leave him be as he would be resurrected anyway if killed. Danny then takes Jackie to his main base of operations. On their way, Danny expresses that he enjoys his time with his son, Jackie. Jackie then explains that he wasn't killed and came here, because he's on a mission. 

As they reach Danny's main base of operation, Jackie is shocked to see Kirchner working for him. Danny explains that Kirchner has been developing Nightfall for him to distribute around the city. Jackie isn't happy to see him and warns Kirchner to not say any word to him. The two then leave.

Danny takes Jackie to local prostitutes, but are stopped by a roadblock made by an armed gang. As Jackie and Danny prepare to confront them, the gang is crushed by the Darkness exoskeleton now possessing Kirchner. Jackie then attacks it and the two begin to fight. Estacado creates a whip, latches it unto the Darkness exoskeleton and sends a bio-electricity current through it. The Darkness is impressed, but quickly recovers and proceeds to use the amplified version of this technique on Jackie himself. Incapacitated Jackie is then grabbed by the Darkness exoskeleton, which begins to crush him. Before it can kill Jackie, Danny shoots Kirchner in the eye, killing him. Out of retaliation, the Darkness cuts Danny in half and releases the dead body of Kirchner. With his dying breath, Danny urges Jackie to kill the Darkness once and for all. Jackie then pulls out the Sun Dagger from his chest and confronts the Darkness exoskeleton. He manages to defeat the creature and then steps through the portal leading to the Heart of Darkness.

Heart of Darkness

Inside of it, heavily deformed man representing the Darkness heart waits for him. Jackie then proceeds to attack it with the Sun Dagger. Furious, the heart says that without it, Jackie is just a common thug. Jackie then reveals that he plans not to destroy the Darkness, but take it from the Heart of Darkness. With him being dead, Jackie then will become the Darkness himself.

As Jackie stabs the Heart of Darkness, the Heart reveals that he too was long ago a wielder of the Darkness. He rebelled against the Darkness and sought to end it's reign once and for all. The Heart took away its power and hid it inside of himself. But a portion of the Darkness escaped, surrounded the Heart and imprisoned in the deepest emptiness of it. The Heart then gets on top of Jackie and tries to crush his head with his hands. He screams at him, that Jackie can't be certain he won't become just like the Heart. Jackie answers that he can't be certain, but he can hope. Filled with the memory of Jackie's daughter Hope, the Sun Dagger destroys the Heart. 

Back at home, Sara with Hope in her hands comes to check on Jackie, notices something else in the dark. Jackie calms her down, saying that it's just him and hugs them. 

The New Reality

Jackie tells the events of Artifacts to a thug he captured. There exists Thirteen Artifacts, which control the fate of the world. If they're brought together, they can destroy the world. Together they tried to stop a man that wanted to just that, but ultimately they fail. After finding out that his and Sara Pezzini's daughter Hope has the key to the universe, they killed her. With Hope's death Jackie created a nearly exact copy of the universe, but this time he had a family with Jenny Romano. The thug thinks Jackie is on drugs and asks him why is he telling him these things. Jackie answers that he had to tell someone the truth and the thug won't live long enough to tell anyone about this. He then proceeds to kill the thug.

In the present, Jackie is now the leader of the Franchetti mafia. He now lives with Jenny Romano and their daughter Hope. As Jackie goes to check on Jenny, she is furious at him. Jenny reveals that she knows that Jackie killed two people last night. Jackie explains that they were Bulgarians, part of a mob in Easter Europe and managed to get their weapons through the security. He was unarmed and thus had no choice, but to kill them by using the Darkness. Jenny doesn't care and gives him an ultimatum. Either Jackie gets rid of the Darkness or she will take Hope and leave him. After hearing this, Jackie clenches his fists. When Jenny asks him if he's going to hit her now, Jackie in shock realizes that he was about to hit her.

Jackie then meets with Aram and expresses his wish to get rid of the Darkness. Aram accepts to help him, but warns Jackie that it will be a difficult task. They meet at Jackie's personal panic room. Jackie then tries to summon the Darkness, but fails to do it. Even after receiving beating from Aram, the Darkness doesn't emerge. Aram then reminds Jackie that after he dies, the Darkness will go to Hope. This angers Jackie and he manages to finally summon the Darkness. He then proceeds to spit out the Darkness out of his body. Aram then grabs Jackie and forces out the last bit of the Darkness. This cause both Jackie and Aram to lose consciousness.

The Doppelganger

As Jackie wakes up he sees a Darkness copy of himself, who names himself the Doppelganger before him, stopped by Aram. Aram has put a binding spell on the bunker causing the Doppelganger to be trapped in it during the day. The Doppelganger calms down Jackie, saying that he will cooperate with him and he likes their family therefore he won't screw it up. As for Aram he warns that one day the Darkness will devour his soul. Before leaving, Aram warns Jackie to be care full of the Doppelganger as he probably created a perfect host for the Darkness. Jackie then goes to meet Jenny in the garden. He says that he no longer has the Darkness in him, but Jenny doesn't believe him and asks Jackie to give her time to think. She then asks Jackie to go look for Hope as she's been looking for her cat Bastet.

Hope eventually finds her cat, but as she reaches out to touch Bastet, he claws her. As Jackie comes to check on her, Hope expresses her anger of not seeing for four days. Jackie tries to explain, but Hope doesn't believe in his explanation and runs away. Jackie then goes to have a shower. Suddenly he gets a call from his right-hand man Wilson, which informs him that he's office has been destroyed by the Bulgarians. Jackie gets to the scene where he finds his team already waiting for him - Dean, the accountant; Athena, the enforcer; Paris, Athena's partner and Wilson, his right hand man. They're also met by Carlos Toledo, a corrupt cop that Jackie pays to work for him. The team explains that Bulgarian's have announced a war against Jackie.

Jackie then comes home and meets with the Doppelganger. He asks him to take out the Bulgarians and the Doppelganger complies. As Jenny doesn't want to sleep with Jackie, he's forced to go the guest room. Before leaving, she asks Jackie to read a bedtime story for Hope. He goes to read the the bedtime story to Hope, but his daughter believes that all the story's been altered hide the true horrors that happen. Jackie decides to leave, but before he goes through the door, Hope asks him how does she know that she's real.

In the morning, Jackie confronts the Doppelganger for killing the seven prostitutes. The Doppelganger doesn't see any problem with what he has done, but decides to change his face the next time he leaves the bunker in order to calm Jackie down. Suddenly, Jenny screams and Jackie runs to check on her. Under Hope's bed he finds three Darkling kittens. Much to Jenny's objections, Hope decides to keep them. Jackie also doesn't believe what Jenny saw, regarding the dismembered Bastet, thinking that she just imagined it.

Later, Jackie meets with his team. Wilson expresses concerns as to what he has done to the mobsters. Jackie explains that it wasn't him that done it, but the Darkness who know operates as an independent entity. Wilson then interrupts them saying that the head of the third biggest mafia clan in Bulgaria, Valko Balakov has just landed. Balakov contacts Jackie and expresses his wish to meet him.

Jackie and Balakov, accompanied by Athena, Paris and two Bulgarian henchmen respectively, meet in the Central Park during day. Estacado says that he wants Balakov out of his city. Balakov denies to leave and then insults him. As a counter attack, Paris calls Balakov an impotent and having sex with his sister. After hearing this, Balakov decides to leave.

War with Valko Balakov

After Hope's nanny Charlotte fails the kidnap of both Hope and Jenny, Jackie comes to the scene. Furious he nearly beats up to death one of the mobsters. He's stop by Wilson who insists that alive the mobster will be much more valuable. Meanwhile, Dean checks on Jenny and asks if she is okay. Jackie then approaches his family, but is stopped by Hope who says that he will get blood on Jenny. Later, Jackie finds out that Jenny has been secretly talking to Dean. After coming back from bar, he finds Jenny having sex with the Doppelganger.

In the morning, Jackie is still disturbed of what he saw. He asks Jenny are they're going to be okay after the last night. Jenny answers that she hopes so, but he needs to give her more time to think. Before leaving she asks Jackie to check out the wall that started to rot in their bedroom. As he breaks the wall, he finds bugs coming out of it and the Darkness slowly rotting it. Jackie decides to visit Aram and ask him in helping returning the Darkness back into his body. He finds Aram to be not at his house, but manages to contact him through a pool of blood. Aram refuses to help Jackie and says that he's on his own.

Jackie then decides to interrogate the Balakov's mobsters he captured. One of the mobsters refuses to reveal Balakov's location, saying that his boss isn't human any more. Estacado then shoots him in the head. After seeing this, Dean decides to leave believing that Jackie has lost it. The second mobster then decides to reveal Balakov's location believing that Jackie is dead either way. Jackie then comes to the bunker and orders the Doppelganger to kill Balakov. As Jackie returns to his bedroom, he's visited by Jenny who takes her clothes off. They then proceed to have sexual intercourse. As Jackie goes to sleep, Jenny leaves their bedroom revealing to have actually been the Doppelganger.

In the morning, Jenny hallucinates being overrun by bugs. Jackie calms her down and Jenny decides to have a rain shower. He then goes over her things and finds their family picture with Jenny's face erased. He also finds a picture of wounded Bastet. One of the Darkling kittens then hiss on Jackie. He then goes to check the bunker and finds it full of insects and strange fungal infection. He then calls Wilson saying that the team needs to meet as the Darkness went rogue. When the team meets they decide to go to Balakov and find out what happened to the Doppelganger. On their way to the cars, Jackie attacks Dean for having a relationship with Jenny. He then decides to leave him behind and take the rest of the team with himself. When they reach Balakov's house, they see a man running out of it and then killed by a tentacle that comes out the doorway. Jackie decides to go in the house alone and tells the team to make sure his family is safe if he doesn't return.

As Jackie comes inside the house, he finds corpses scattered all around. A security guard points a gun on Jackie, telling him that Balakov didn't wanted anyone to leave. He then shoots himself in the head. Jackie comes closer to check him and finds the guard missing legs. He then is met by Aram. He reveals that Balakov is possessed by an ancient being that pre-dates the Darkness itself known as the Ancient One. At the moment he's fighting with the Doppelganger. Aram then asks Jackie what did he do to bring the Ancient Ones back as they were banished long ago. Suddenly, the Doppelganger and Balakov fall through ceiling. Jackie then shoots Balakov in the head, knocking him out. Aram then forces the Doppelganger to leave. Jackie tells Aram that they will need to talk about this and leaves.

At home Jackie ponders what Aram has told him and expresses his frustration over the Doppelganger. He then gets a call from Sara Pezzini. She says weird stuff are happening in Chicago and something isn't right. She also asks if Hope is okay and Jackie answers that she's fine. Jackie is then suddenly interrupted by the noise in the hall. As he checks what's happening, he finds Jenny in the middle of mental breakdown, breaking things and saying that she isn't Estacado, but Romano. Jackie then decides to call their doctor, Rosemary Wallace to their home. After arriving, the doctor takes a blood sample from Hope and checks the mental health of Jenny. The doctor reveals to Jackie that Jenny seems to be suffering from some short of dementia.

Later, Jackie dreams of rotting corpse of Jenny coming to him and asking Estacado why didn't he left her in peace. The next day, Jackie gets a call from the doctor. The doctor reveals that Hope is infected with a fatal disease, but Jackie doesn't believe her and ends the call. He then goes to check on Jenny, but finds her in the garden with the Doppelganger. Hope comes to him and tells him to don't worry as everything will be over soon. She then walks away and glances at Jackie, revealing a Darkness like form. Terrified, Jackie realizes that Hope is infected by the Darkness. Having no where to turn to, he call Sara, but she doesn't answer.

During the night, Valko Balakov visits sleeping Jenny, but is quickly attacked by Hope. Balakov eventually manages to subdue her, but Jackie and Aram come to help her. He expresses that one day, Hope will be far greater than Jackie ever was. The Doppelganger then comes through a portal and then confronts Balakov. Suddenly, Jenny awakes and is terrified by the people in the room. Aram calms her down by using hypnosis on her, causing her to relive the best moment in her life. As Jackie is in no fit to fight, Aram orders him to take care of Jenny. They leave the bedroom. Aram then appears behind Jackie and confronts him for what he did to the universe. He reveals that because Jenny is a construct, Hope is now pure Darkness. They're then attacked by Balakov and the Doppelganger. Balakov quickly incapacitates Aram, but the latter manages to teleport away. As they have made alliance, Balakov leaves the Doppelganger to clean up the house and decide what to do with Jackie.

The Doppelganger decides to imprison Jackie inside his bunker. Upon his order, the Darklings proceed to drag screaming Jackie, through a portal into the bunker. There, he's surrounded by Darklings and strip of all clothes.


Some time later, Jackie hears a commotion above him. Unable to leave the bunker, he convinces Cathead to check if everything is okay to Hope. One day, Jackie recalls how he saved Jenny from Frankie Franchetti. As he saves her, he realises that she's pregnant. A Darkling appears and reveals to have had sex with her. In anger, Jackie grabs the Darkling by the throat. The Darkling then turns out to be the Cathead and the latter explains, that this was just a dream. Tired of being kept in the bunker, Jackie punches the Cathead and tries to leave. The Cathead then orders the Darkness to stop him and it incapacitates Jackie. Out of nowhere, Aram appears and frees Jackie. He says that he came to help Jackie to take the Darkness back.

As Aram returns to Erewhon, he's confronted by the Doppelganger. Aram reveals, that he have obtained the Mask of Mana from a Tohunga exorcist in New Zealand. While wearing the mask, the exorcist can contain the demon without being possessed by it and then transfer to a new host. Although the Doppelganger and the Cathead are sceptical, Aram puts on the mask and then terminates his protection against the Darkness. He then invites the Darkness into himself, much to the Doppelgangers objections. As the Darkness takes over Aram, he announces it now belongs to him.

With the Darkness in his possession, Aram summons his Darklings. The Darklings surround Jackie and the Doppelganger and prepare to kill them. Aram calls Jackie weak and unworthy of this power. When one of the Darklings tries to lick the Doppelganger, he cuts his tongue off. Realising that without the Doppelganger he's incomplete, Aram tries to absorb him. The Doppelganger pleads Jackie to do something and Jackie tries to convince Aram to let go of the Darkness. He says that the Estacado bloodline is the perfect host for the Darkness as a corrupt man cannot be corrupted. Jackie then swears that if Aram gives back to him the Darkness, he will stop the Ancient Ones and restore the balance between Darkness and light.

Aram's Darklings then try to convince him into keeping the Darkness for himself and take over the world. Remembering how much pain and destruction he brought to the world as the Darkness host, Aram gives it to Jackie. The Doppelganger then assumes his true form as small Darkling and merges with Jackie. With the Darkness back in his possession, Jackie destroys the Mask of Mana and tells Aram to get out of his sight. Before leaving, Aram warns Jackie to not trust the Ancient Ones.

Taking Back The Darkness

With the Darkness back in his possession, Jackie goes to check on Hope and Jenny. Hope apologises for choosing the Doppelganger over Jackie and the latter forgives her. When he goes to check on Jenny, she recognises Jackie and hugs him. Meanwhile, as infected surround Wilson and Charlotte, Jackie telepatically orders the infected to release them and walk away. Jackie then continues by saying that he doesn't want to see them ever again. Back home, Jackie reveals to Hope that he can see, hear and control the infected. Hope says that its good, because everyone wants to kill them, except for Ancient Ones. Jackie then asks her what did happen to her while she was underground and Hope lies that she doesn't remember except that they were nice to her.

Later, Wilson visits Erewhon. Jackie is surprised to see him and invites Wilson into the house to talk. Wilson refuses, having seen what Jackie can do in the dark and instead tries to lure him out into open.

Although sensing that something isn't right, Jackie complies and walks out of the house. He asks where is Charlotte and Wilson answers that she's okay. Meanwhile, Charlotte aims for Jackie's head and is about to press the trigger when suddenly Hope appears behind her. Jackie and Wilson hear a gun go off in the house and the two rush to see what happened. They find Charlotte killed by Hope. Jackie then sends Hope down the stairs and asks Wilson to explain himself. Wilson answers that Jackie is too dangerous for this world and then puts his gun on the ground. He then walks away, saying that if Jackie kills him, Jenny will find out about everything that he done and he will lose her again.

As Wilson reaches the stairs, Jackie turns around and kills him with his Darkness tendrils. Hope then tells Jackie that by killing Charlotte she invited the Ancient Ones into their world. Elsewhere, a tunnel opens in the forest and the Ancient Ones begin to rise from it.


Even from his early childhood, Jackie was very violent, ruthless, intelligent, and brave. Despite this, he has a strict set of noble (even heroic) morals and a fierce loyalty to those that earn it. He has matured somewhat over the span of his adult life and his experiences with The Darkness, though his core personality still remains the same.

He truly loved Jenny and was very caring and protective of her, often jumping onto and badlly hurting anyone who abused her at the orphanage, no matter how long it took him. After he was recruited into the mob, he was able to nourish his dark side; developing a taste for fast Italian cars, money, nice white business suits, Italian food and culture, as well as killing. He also became a womaniser due to a fear of commitment.

He was also very prideful, sociopathic, sadistic, and insecure; willing to kill people simply for insulting him or making comments that revealed his true nature to him. Overall, Jackie Estacado is thought to be a murderous bastard to the eyes of his enemies, but the most loyal, caring, and defending man to the ones that earn his full trust. If it is one thing Jackie does not tolerate, it is his loved ones being harmed.

Enemies & Allies

The Angelus

The Angelus is the eternal enemy of The Darkness. The Angelus retains the memories of all of her previous host's lives and has led many crusades against Jackie in seeking to rid the world of The Darkness.
40660-the-angelus 400


The powers of the Angelus are similar, yet opposite, to the powers of The Darkness as both have the ability to create sentient beings, both commands a host of minions to do their bidding, she is immortal and has the power of flight, possesses superhuman strength, invulnerable to mortal weapons, can conjure weapons at will, breath fire, and fire bolts of light and teleport herself and other beings.

Like The Darkness The Angelus' power does have its limits too. While The Darkness cannot function at all in the light The Angelus can function in the dark but only for short periods of time as it completely drains her power while the power of The Darkness becomes superior.

The first modern host was the catatonic wife of Uncle Frankie, Lauren Franchetti. After she is killed the power initially possesses Velocity of Cyberforce but it is immediately driven from her body by Cyberforce. She then finds a new host in Celestine Wright until she herself is killed during the events of Broken Trinity. The current Angelus is the former Witchblade host Danielle Baptiste.

Appolonia Franchetti

The daughter of Don Frankie, and the vengeful child of the catatonic Lauren Franchetti, who

Appolonia Franchetti

watched as her father murdered her mother's lover, which caused her mother to go into a coma. Responsible for The Angelus' return, and unsuccessfully trying to overthrow the Franchetti family, Appolonia was left in a coma. But she is brought out of this state with a fragment from The Spear of Destiny, The Magdalena's weapon. She mysteriously reappears on the anniversary of her parents' marriage. She is generally happy to see Jackie and is terrified of her mother (as she feels there is nothing remaining of her). Appolonia appears to be in league with The Angelus, setting up Jackie, but in reality betrays The Angelus when she is about to kill Magdalena and Jackie. Appolonia kills her mother with The Spear of Destiny, ending her mother's suffering. Lauren dies with tears of joy and is happy to see both Jackie and her daughter. Appolonia's current whereabouts are unknown.


The Witchblade

Each generation one random woman is chosen to wield The Witchblade, a mystical gauntlet of great power. This generation's wielder is Sara Pezzini, a New York City detective. Sara teamed up with Jackie to fight Sonatine and Ian Nottingham and again later to fight The Necrobi. Jackie is the father of Sara's daughter Hope.

The Magdalena



The Magdalena are descended from Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, the first Magdalena that Jackie encountered was Sister Mariella, the daughter of Sister Rosalia. Mariella was prematurely sent to battle and kill Jackie on the church's orders, and since she was brought up in a crooked sect of the church, was a wild Christian fanatic who did not know right from wrong. She was left for dead when Jackie crucified her as a warning to her superiors. Mariella has not been seen since.

Afterwards, Patience, the current Magdalena, is sent out to attack The Darkness, and Jackie mistakes her for Mariella, as does The Angelus. After explaining the situation to him, they end up teaming up against The Angelus, and Patience is possessed by her. Jackie saves her, and The Angelus flees. Patience and Jackie remain mutual allies.

Capris Castiglione

Jackie has a twin sister named Capris Castiglione. The two were separated when they were just babies. Worried about Darkness' power and influence on her other child, their mother entrust Capris to Father Brendan. He raised her in an orphanage as if she is his own daughter. Capris' destiny gets twisted when she finds her best friend Blair murdered. She discovered that Blair was used in illegal porno movies. When Father Brendan was dying, he revealed Capris's past and twin brother to her. She meets a Native American by the name of Robert Bearclaw (Ripclaw of Cyberforce) who teaches her how to use the limited Darkness powers that she inherited from her father.

Capris Castiglione

Five years later, full of hatred, Capris sought out the men responsible for her friend's death. She pretended to be stripper named Tiffany and waited for a right moment to kill them. Ripclaw followed her on the revenge trip and offered to resume training her in the use of the Darkness. When she meets her brother, Jackie Estacado, for the first time, she tells him where the Angelus is holding Frankie, and then disappears. When Jackie needed to fight Cherubs, and Ripclaw took him to the spirit world, Capris looked after their earthly bodies and kept Jenny company.

After The Darkness began to arise within Jackie, Capris became possessed by The Darkness, sliced Elle in half, and began to attack Jackie with the intent to kill him and take The Darkness for herself. Jackie was forced to kill her, stabbing her with his crystallized glove.

Powers & Abilities

Jackie possesses the limitless power of The Darkness, a cursed elemental force of Chaos and Creation that allows him access to an otherworldly dimension and control over the veritable legion of Darklings who dwell there. He can stand against and even overpower other supernatural beings. He can destroy tanks and attack helicopters, slaughter vampires and werewolves, and easily butcher ordinary humans. Even the most powerful beings, such as Superman or the Witchblade, must check their strength before confronting Jackie.
The Darkness

Jackie using his abilities


  • Darkness: As the host of the Darkness, Jackie has access to various powers.
    • The Darkness Armor: Jackie can craft a suit of mystical body armor about himself which makes him invulnerable and increases his strength and endurance to their peak.
      • Absolute Strength: While using The Darkness, Jackie's strength becomes superhuman. He has been seen to shatter wood and stone, crush metal, and lift cars with ease.
      • Absolute Speed: While using The Darkness, Jackie can move faster than any vehicle.
    • Healing Factor: Jackie possesses a powerful healing factor; healing from any wound in less than seconds with full finality and is immune to all ailments and illnesses , he can transform to Darkness itself at any time.
    • Night Vision: His night vision allows him to see clearly in total darkness.
    • Absolute Senses: Jackie has a sharper sense of sight than humans. He showed an enhanced sense of hearing when he heard the song of The Alkonost.
    • Tactile Healing: Jackie was also able to use The Darkness to heal damaged eardrums and cure its deafness.
      The darkness flight

      Shapeshifting power

    • Shapeshifting: Jackie can manipulate his armor to change its shape at will. He can fashion blades, protective spikes, hammerfists, and chains. Jackie can also use his armor to change his appearance, including his voices and mannerisms. Jackie was able to change into an old woman.
    • Flight: Jackie is able to grow wings (bat, bird) and fly high out of Earth's atmosphere at high speeds.

      Jackie using his creation power to create tentacle-chains

    • Creation: The Darkness is Creation; Jackie can create and control shadowy fanged, clawed, or bladed tentacles to impale/grab/interact with objects, restrain or kill humans and lift cars. He can create guns, chainsaws, water, and knives from The Darkness
    • Darkling Conjuration: He can also summon a horde or even army of Darklings that he can telepathically communicate with and control from afar. He has also displayed the ability to see through their eyes as well as his own.(He can summon the Darklings without Limit)


  • Hand-to-Hand Fighting: Jackie is a formidable hand-to-hand fighter, able to match even well trained assassins, like Tora No Shi.
  • Master Marksman: Jackie is a master marksman (with a preference for dual 9mm handguns).


  • Jackie doesn't drink alcohol. Instead he prefers a glass of hot milk.
  • Jackie enjoys watching sunsets and sunrises.
  • Early in his career as a hitman, Jackie developed a liking to white Armani business suits. After manifesting The Darkness, Jackie began wearing black suits usually with brown coats on top of it.


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