Jackie's Mother
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  • Deceased
  • Died of Birth Complications
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Vol. 1 Issue 37

"I'm sorry I'm not... going to be there... for you. Promise me... you'll do some good."
Jackie's Mother to Jackie. [src]

Jackie's Mother is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Jackie's Mother worked as a prostitute. One day she met with Danny Estacado and slept with him. After Danny dies, she finds out that she's pregnant with twins. She then comes to the church, seeking protection for her and her children. In order to save Capris from The Darkness that will consume her brother Jackie, Jackie's Mother makes a deal with Father Brendan that he will take away her daughter and protect her from harm.

Visit by Jackie Edit

After the birth, Jackie's Mother is visited by Jackie from the future with the help of Robert Bearclaw. She apologies for not being able to be for him as he grows up. With her last dying breath, Jackie's Mother makes Jackie to promise to her that he will do some good. Jackie in tears, promise while Jackie's Mother passes away.

Personality Edit

Jackie's Mother was described by Father Brendan as a wonderful woman. She loved and deeply cared for the future of her children.

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