Jackie's Clone
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Jackie Estacado (Creator)

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Vol. 3 Issue 90

"I am the voice and the hand of the Darkness itself."
Jackie's Clone to Aram. [src]

Jackie's Clone is Jackie Estacado's clone made out of the Darkness, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Birth Edit

Jackie's clone was created by Jackie, when he was trying to escape from a superhuman hunting team, called Hunter-Killers. After Jackie escapes, one of the clone survives the battle and reforms. Lost, the clone stumbles aimlessly into the nearby city. He tries to approach a man and a woman, but scared, the man open fires on the clone. Out of anger Jackie's clone decapitates the shooter and then proceeds run into an alleyway.

Suddenly a car stops by and the woman inside offers to take the clone to others like him.The Darkness and its confederates brought the clone to full awareness to set him against Jackie.

The Constant Other Edit

After Aram arrives to Omaha, which is was overrun with the Darkness virus, the clone approaches him. The clone explains his origins to Aram and questions his motives for being in the city. Aram draws out the Sun Dagger and explains that he's here to watch the final battle between Jackie and the Darkness.

Eventually Jackie's clone finds both Jackie and Elle in the city and proceeds to confront them. Meanwhile a helicopter flies by and begins to film Jackie's and clones fight. Although Elle's Darklings kill the infected, the clone combines them into a huge mass of Darkness and then proceeds to incapacitate Jackie. While the clone is focused on him, Jackie crashes the helicopter, that was filming them, on top of them. The ensuing explosion completely disintegrates the clone.

Personality Edit

The clone viewed himself as the superior version of Jackie, that the Darkness always wanted. He also viewed Jackie as weakling whose time has already passed.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Darkness: As Jackie's Darkness clone, the clone can wield all the powers an ordinary host could wield.
    • Darkness Armor: Just like any other Darkness host, the clone could manifest an armor made out of Darkness, that would enhanced his physical prowess.
      • Enhanced Strength: The Darkness armor enhanced the clones strength, helping him to match even Jackie in his armor.
      • Enhanced Durability: Due to his Darkling like physiology, the clone could survive multiple bullet wounds.
      • Control Over Infected: The clone could control anyone that was infected with the Darkness virus. Besides being able to order them around, the clone could also fused them into singular Darkness bio-mass that he could control. With this he was able to incapacitate Jackie.

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