Ivan Petrovich
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Bloody Ivan







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Alexandria Petrovich (Daughter)



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First Appearance:

Vol. 2 Issue 20

"Before you die, I want you to know... your mother, your father, your friends - anybody you knew for more than five minutes in your entire life... I will find them and personally slice every one of them open like filthy pigs."
Ivan to Jackie Estacado [src]

Ivan Petrovich also known as "Bloody Ivan" was a Russian gangster appearing in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Ivan Petrovich was a gangster notoriously known as Bloody Ivan. He lived with his daugther Alexandria Petrovich and ran illegal business.

Attack on Grand Lux Edit

After finding out about Alexandria's death, Ivan attacks Grand Lux in search of Jackie and Lori. The Darklings quickly kill the mobsters and Jackie then prepares to kill Ivan for killing Lori son. Ivan expresses that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Lori asks Jackie to let her kill him. She grabs a gun and shoots Ivan through the head.

Personality Edit

Ivan was cold, sadistic person. He was notorious known as being incredible sadistic, earning the name "Bloody Ivan". Ivan did show that he really cared about his daughter well being and was ready to kill an entire casino full of people just to get to the ones who were responsible for her death.

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