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Vol. 1 Issue 15

"I'm with you, little sister. You're not alone. I'm gonna be with you all the way."
Isaac to Agnes [src]

Isaac is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Meeting Agnes Edit

Isaac preached in the streets of New York when he met with a prostitute named Agnes. While at first resenting her, Isaac decides to take a bus with her and try to convince her to change her's lifestyle. Isaac tries to convince a prostitute to start believing in God and forget her dark path, while riding together in a bus. The prostitute rejects Street Preacher's offer. At that moment Jackie and Mariella fall on the street in front of the bus. The bus loses control and crashes into the two through a toy shop.

After ambulance arrives and takes Agnes to tend her wounds, Isaac insists in going with her.

The Spear of Destiny Edit

After Agnes is check for any injuries, she let out of the hospital. Isaac reveals to her, that during the bush crash he found and took the Spear of Destiny. The spear starts to glow and Isaac decides to leave in the hospital where it do more good. Isaac then go together with Agnes to her apartment. After Isaac goes into Agnes apartment, it's implied she tries to seduce and because of this, he kills her.

Personality Edit

Isaac is a fanatical, religious zealot that would preach in the streets of the New York. He spread his message that the man prefers darkness over the light. Isaac showed concern over Agnes being a prostitute and tried to convince her that this was no life for her. After Agnes is wounded, Isaac insists in going with her to the hospital.

Isaac also had a darker side to himself. In order to redeem Agnes in his own eyes, Isaac violently kills her, suggesting that he is mentally unstable and violent.

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