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Biographical Information
  • Dark One
  • Dark Wyrm
  • Dragon of the Desert






Character Information
  • Hermit
  • Marauder
Real World Information
First Appearance:

Trinity: Blood on the Sands

"I am Idris. I bear all darkness."
Idris described his power. [src]

The hermit Idris was a Darkness wielder during the 14th Century and a dweller within the Arabian deserts. A mysterious figure by trade, Idris earned a reputation as a kind of boogeyman who murders in the night; earning him the titles of the Dark Wyrm and the Dragon of the Desert.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Idris's background remains wholly ambiguous. All that can be discerned of his past is that he was raised in Saudi Arabia and grew up learning of the various philosophies of the land. These lessons would deeply shape him later in life after he inherited the powers of the Darkness.

At some point after manifesting the Darkness, Idris left civilization and took to raiding camps for their wares to make a livelihood. Why he fled was left similarly unanswered; possibly for being rejected for his dark curse or fear of harming a loved one or more personal reasons.

Blood on the Sands Edit

Personality Edit

A quiet and brooding hermit, Idris lived his life in isolation; making his home within a network of subterranean caverns of sand and dirt where he kept his treasuries. Idris made his livelihood as a marauder; raiding entire caravans and hoarding their wealth, weaponry, and foods.

Despite his amoral nature, Idris followed an Eastern code of honor which demanded that he allow any guest in his home solitude and hospitality for a time in return for something valuable from them. For Idris, he followed his own Path of Darkness - taking loved ones as his reward.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

  • Dark Wyrm

    Idris unleashes his power on a band of thieves and kidnappers.

    Darkness: Although he may very well have predated the Estacado bloodline, Idris was nonetheless a wielder of the Darkness and the bearer of its curses. Unlike his successors, Idris's abilities had adapted to the barren environments of the deserts; allowing him to burrow into sandy caverns.
    • Mystical Body Armor: Although he was never seen to fully manifest his armor, Idris possessed the same mystical body armor as donned by any host of the Darkness; endowing him with otherworldly strength, endurance, and durability. This armor was seen only briefly as it enveloped his arms in the battle.
    • Enhanced Awareness:
    • Darkling Conjuration:
    • Creature Conversion:

Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Swordsman:

Weaknesses Edit

  • Powerful Light:

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