"The people coming to take you away are world class bastards. Make you and men look like old men playing checkers in the park."
Major White describing the Hunter-Killers to Jackie. [src]

The Hunter-Killers is an U.S. government organization that specializes in capturing or killing superhumans. It appears in The Darkness comics series.

Overview Edit

After bunch of superhumans known as "Ultra-Sapiens" went rogue decades ago, the U.S. government created a watchdog taskforce that employs registered Ultra-Sapiens to find those of their kind who are hidden in plain sight. Members of this elite group, trained to contain and neutralize any Ultra-Sapiens who are deemed a threat, are known as Hunter-Killers.

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B-Team Edit

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Three Deaths of Jackie Estacado Edit

The Hunter-Killer B-Team were sent to capture Jackie Estacado after he escapes from Major White in Fort Knox. The team manages to kill Jackie and bring his body in only for it to turn to ashes. The team overseers conclude that Jackie might have escaped from their grasps.

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  • The Hunter-Killer have their own comics series and are part of Top Cow shared universe.

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