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Last Stand

Homecoming is the sixteenth chapter of The Darkness II.


When Jackie leaves the cellar, the Darkness tells him to free it from Victor's possession. As he cuts through Brotherhood forces in the mansion, the Darkness keeps reminding Jackie, that it will free Jenny if he gets the Siphon. At the main hall, Jackie encounters Victor. He reveals, Carlo's obsession with the Darkness and how he built this mansion on sacred ground and filled it with Darkness relics.

Eventually, the Darkness drove him insane and he turned to the Brotherhood for help. Desperate to find the Siphon and cure himself and Jackie from the Darkness, he made a deal with the Brotherhood. Carlo would give up the Darkness if the Brotherhood found the Siphon.

It took the Brotherhood almost two decades to find the Siphon and once in their possession, they came to Jackie to collect the dept that was promised. Victor then orders his men to attack Jackie and once he is broken, bring him to him. Jackie survives the Brotherhood assault and goes after Victor.





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