Hell Beast
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David Graves (Formerly)

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The Darkness II

Real World information

"That monstrosity is a Hell Beast - we must fight as one!"
Shoshanna to her allies. [src]

The Hell Beast is a powerful giant, winged creature that serves as an end boss in the Vendettas campaign.

History Edit

The Darkness II Edit

Vendettas Edit

Once the Vendetta assassins make it to the VIP vault at the Manhattan Trust and dispose of all the Brotherhood forces, they confront David Graves who has the Spear of Destiny in hand. Graves then impales himself with the Spear causing the area to transform looking similar to Hell and the Hell Beast to emerge. The assassins then face-off against the beast as it summons waves of Hell Minions and Darklings to attack them. After a close fight, the assassins prove victorious and slay the beast much to the joy of the Darkness.

Strategy Edit

The Hell Beast mainly uses two methods to attack. One will be a bright purplish-blue beam attack that easy to avoid if hiding behind a pillar. The second is a powerful area attack that resembles a blackish-red wave that covers the entire area and is hard to avoid even behind a pillar. However, before the Hell Beast performs this move it will stand on its hind legs exposing a bright purple diamond shaped weak point on its belly. If shot a few times on this spot, the Hell Beast will drop to the ground stunned for a few seconds instead of unleashing the powerful wave attack. Of course, the giant bright spot that seems to be its eye is another weak spot even though it will receive minimal damage if shot anywhere else.

After the Hell Beast has sustained enough damage it will start summoning melee Hell Minions and exploding Darklings. Do your best to avoid the Darklings and save the hearts of the Hell Minions until you absolutely need them. Trying balancing shooting both weak spots of the Hell Beast, hiding behind pillars, and healing with the Hell Minion hearts to ensure victory.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hell Beast takes the form of a manticore a Persian legendary creature similar to the Egyptian sphinx, which statue can be seen standing in the secret Brotherhood hall in Manhattan Trust Bank.


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