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Donnie (Partner)


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Vol. 3 Issue 93

"Shut up and start the truck, Donnie!"
Hazmat Suit Guy to Donnie. [src]

The unnamed Hazmat Suit Guy is a member of a national guard that responded to the Darkness virus outbreak in Omaha. He appears in The Darkness comics series.

Biography Edit

Dead City Edit

The unnamed hazmat suit guy together with his colleague Donnie were called in by the national guard in order to set up a cordon around Omaha in order to contain the mysterious virus outbreak. Donnie comes up with an idea to lock all the infected he and his partner encountered outside the cordon in an abandoned pig farm.

The next day, the guard and his partner, Donnie, find unconscious Jackie Estacado. As they debate what should they do with him, Jackie wakes up and they explain that a zombie like plague has fallen onto Omaha over the night, much to his surprise. Believing Jackie to be infected they take him to the pig farm.As the night fall, Jackie is brought to the containment.

As he looks at the infected, Jackie realises that they're being controlled by the Darkness. The infected then proceed to attack Jackie. As he's being overwhelmed, Donnie and his partner open fire on them. Jackie then reaches to the gun and uses it to destroy the lights. He then confronts the infected in his Darkness armor and urges the two men to run away. Donnie and his partner comply, they get into a car and drive away. On their way, Donnie's partner realises that he's driving straight into the main infected horde. As Donnie realises this, he crashes the car into the horde and both of them fly through the rear window to their deaths.

Abilities Edit

  • Marksmanship: The guard can wield an assault rifle and shoot it with high precision.

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