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The Dark Prince (creator)

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Tales of The Darkness: Issue 1

"He mercifully sent his Harvesters. Bio-organic vacuums, sucking up the crew, swallowing them whole. It's a mercy of sorts."
Sela The Fox describing Harvesters [src]

Harvester is unique darkling appearing in Tales of The Darkness: Issue 1.

Overview Edit

The Darkness Foot-Creature is a giant insect -like looking darkling that serves the Dark Prince. Its a bipedal creature described as an bio-organic vacuums that swallows its victims whole. On top of his head, is a man that's fused to the creature that can communicate with its victims.

History Edit

Attacking Runners Gold Crew Edit

The Dark Prince sends Harvester to kill the crew after he find that they were carrying illegal cargo. Harvester attacks the freighter and begins to consume all the crew. Sela confronts the creature demanding an audience with Darkness otherwise she will activated all the grenades in the freighter killing everyone, including the Dark Prince. Sela demands are met and she meets the Dark Prince.

Powers & Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength: The creature is stronger than normal human being. It was able to easily rip apart through the Runners Gold hull with its bare hands.
  • Bio-Organic Vacuum: The Harvesters most terrifying power is its ability to swallow its victims. After they're swallowed their fate is determined by either Dark Prince or Vassal.

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