"Let there be Light."
God's first known words. [src]
God The Darkness
Biographical Information

Creator, Lord, Almighty, Lord of Hosts, Alpha, Omega, Ancient of Days, Father, Presence, Most High, Godhead (Common Epithets)
Yahweh, Jehovah, Adonai, Elohim (Judaism)
Allah (Islam)





Character Information

Celestial Host (Emissaries)
Heaven (Domain)
Jesus Christ (Prophet)
Humanity (Creation)


Supreme Being

Real World Information
First Appearance:

Vol. 3 Issue 1

The arcane being known as God is regarded as the shaper of the cosmos and the Father of both man and angels by virtue of being their creator. Among organized religions, God is the central deity of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam; each with varying and derivative concepts of Him.

Biography Edit

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Powers & Abilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • Complete Immortality: The Ancient of Days can only be understood as immortal; believed to have neither beginning nor end, but to instead be the beginning and the end - the Alpha and Omega of Creation. As He transcends all definitions of time and space, God exists outside of both eternity and infinity.
  • Cosmic Conjuration: The seat of the Creator's divinity is the power to fashion whole worlds and energies from nothing; bringing into existence the five basic elements and shaping entire galaxies from these amalgamations. More than the corporeal, the Father can shape life's essence into living souls.
    • Resurrection: The Father's power over the essence of life itself enables Him to reconstruct entire anatomies and either return a spirit to a body or even recall and recreate lost souls from oblivion. He is believed to have resurrected Christ after his crucifixion, but this remains unconfirmed.
    • Purification:
    • Deconstruction:
  • Stellar Divination:

Abilities Edit

  • Arcane Awareness: By virtue of His complete comprehension of His Creation, God possesses an innate awareness of virtually all occurrences upon the surface of the Earth as well as within other planets and possibly other planes of existence such as the Fae world or His domain of Heaven or even Hell.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Independent Willpower: Despite His immeasurable power, God holds no dominion over either the thoughts or will of another. He must respect the decree of individual choices; unable to deceive or change the desires of any intelligent being within Creation. This fundamentally limits His influence on Earth.
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