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Danielle Baptiste (Partner)


NYPD Detective

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Vol. 3 Issue 103

"Okay Dani, take a breath. Detective Toledo was just leaving."
Gleason trying to calm Danielle down. [src]

Gleason is NYPD detective and partner of Danielle Baptiste, appearing in The Darkness comics series.

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The Crack In Everything Edit

After the universe is rewritten by Jackie Estacado, Gleason becomes Danielle's partner in NYPD. Together with her, Gleason investigated the murder of fifteen mobsters who worked for Valko Balakov and seven female prostitutes. On the crime scene they met with Carlos Toledo a corrupt cop working for Jackie. Danielle believes that this murder was committed by Jackie Estacado's mob. Toledo tells that is just gangster killing gangster and there will be less trouble now. This only angers Danielle, after which Gleason tells Toledo to leave the crime scene.

Later Danielle and Gleason go to the morgue were headless bodies of two men came up. By their tattoos, the men are identified as gang members from Balakov's mob by autopsy technician Lester. Curiously their heads have been exploded from inside out without using any known explosives. Knowing that their department is corrupt, Danielle decides to contact Tom Judge, who works in FBI.

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