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The Glacier Stone is one of the Thirteen Artifacts. This artifact transforms it's wielder into an icy being of destruction. It is opposed by the Ember Stone.

History Edit

Ancient History Edit

The Glacier Stone once belonged to a powerful Viking warrior who called himself 'The Winter King'. The Winter King lived among the savage Frost Giants of Jotunnheim and fought by their side.

The Winter King was slain by a wielder of the Ember Stone and the Glacier Stone was taken, eventually falling into the hands of a king who placed it within his crown. It was then passed on down through the centuries.

Modern Times Edit

The Glacier Stone was on display at The Curator's curio shop.

Michael Finnegan was a common criminal, an associate of Mafia enforcer Jackie Estacado, who is also the host of The Darkness. Employed by Estacado to watch over Sara Pezzini and their daughter, Hope, "Finn" first encountered the Glacier Stone at a curio shop. Taking possession of the Stone, Finn found himself transformed into a being of immense power capable of creating endless ice and bending it to his will.

Capabilities Edit

The Glacier Stone bestows its wielder with power over ice. The wielder could both emit ice from his or hers body and also create anything out of it. Also, the wielder could turn into an ice giant. In this form, the wielders strength and durability would surpass superhuman levels.

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