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The Darkness II

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"Oh, Mister Galvani, nice to have you back in town."
Vinnie to Galvani after noticing him. [src]

Galvani is a side character, appearing in The Darkness II.

Biography Edit

The Darkness II Edit

Galvani is encountered by Jackie Estacado and Vinnie in Mama Lucchesi's restaurant. Vinnie welcomes Galvani, saying that its nice to have him back in town, suggesting that he was out of New York for sometime. Galvani waves back in response at them as the two men walk to their table. Considering how much respect Vinnie showed to him, Galvani must be a well known and respected mobster in the criminal world.

Galvani is presumed to be killed during Swifty's ambush at the restaurant.

Institution Edit

Galvani appears in the Institution as one of the patients called simply "Patient". Talking with him reveals, that Galvani was put inside the Institution for running completely naked in a mall. He also seems to be quite educated, which could mean, that Galvani was a teacher or a professor, before being put inside the Institution.

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