Frank Rottenberg
The Darkness .(Ful7
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The Darkness

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William Knight

"Dont shoot me son! Frank Rottenberg the name. I live here."
Frank when he meets Jackie. [src]

Frank Rottenberg was homeless man that lived in a bathroom under the cemetery. He told Jackie how to exit the cemetery.

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The Darkness Edit

In the game's final chapter, Frank also gives one of the last side missions, and is the most easily missed. Players going for the Heart of Gold achievement/trophy should visit him. The police forced him out of his makeshift home and barred off the cemetary. Frank asks Jackie to find a way to retrieve his insilin.

The only way to accomplish this is with by reaching the fifth Darkness Level and using Creeping Darkness to retrieve it from the table next to his bed. He rewards you with the Trinket, which was initially part of a separate side quest that was cut from the game before release. The Trinket is completely useless.

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