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The Darkness II

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André Sogliuzzo

"A boat has an anchor that I control, not the other way around, Eddie."
Frank to Eddie regarding why he doesn't have a wife or a girlfriend. [src]

Frank is a mobster in the Estacado crime family serving as a loyal enforcer for his boss Jackie Estacado. He appears in The Darkness II.


The Darkness II Edit

Frank is first seen hanging out with his fellow bodyguard, and close friend, Eddie at Jackie's favorite restaurant before they are attacked by rival gangsters out to kill Jackie. Frank is among several of Jackie's loyal enforcers to help Vinny and Jackie fend off the gang of hitmen. Having survived the attack on Jackie he goes back to Jackie's penthouse with other Estacado crime family gangsters posted there to ensure Jackie's safety. He is seen in the bar having a friendly argument with Eddie where it is revealed Eddie is married to Frank's sister.

Later Jackie finds out a mysterious organization called The Brotherhood was behind the attempt on his life, he goes looking for them and is subsequently captured by their leader Victor Valente. After Jackie is captured the Brotherhood lead an attack on Jackie's penthouse, Frank and Eddie both attempt to fight back but are overwhelmed and taken prisoner by Brotherhood member Bragg, who is filming the massacre and streaming it back to Victor Valente and the captured Jackie. Valente then forces Jackie to choose between which of his loyal bodyguards, to have executed by the insane Bragg.


If Frank is spared he comforts Jackie, telling him that he had no choice and to get revenge for what they have done. After escaping The Brotherhood and taking back his penthouse Jackie finds a mournful Frank (if he was spared) who regrets the loss of his friend and will occasionally tell stories in Eddie's memory. He also moves into with his sister in order to take care of Eddie's children.

Alternatively, if Frank is chosen to be killed, he will tell Jackie that this isn't his fault before he's shot in the head.

Institution Edit

Frank appears in the Institution as one of the nurses working there. When Jackie tries to escape the asylum, Frank is seen trying to catch him. Later, when Jackie gets trapped inside the Thorn Bed, Frank and Eddie pull out him out of the utility room (which represents the iron maiden in the real world) when he's transported to the Institution. Eddie then tells Jackie to keep this a secret between us and don't tell anything to Dr. James.

Personality Edit

Frank is easy going guy, that doesn't like commitments. Differently from his friend Eddie, Frank doesn't see the point in love, viewing it more as an anchor than anything else. He's also very loyal to Jackie and his criminal organization.

Trivia Edit

  • Frank likes to tell Lone Ranger stories to Eddie.
  • Frank likes to sail his boat in his free time.


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