The Fool's Phylactery is a relic that can be found in The Darkness II. It is a "container" that was supposedly meant to contain the Darkness, and can arguably be seen as a predecessor to the Siphon.

Background Edit

The Fool's Phylactery was a hoax perpetrated by a charlatan in the 1600's. The charlatan crafted the container, forged some scrolls, and sold it to a peasant. This peasant attempted to capture the Darkness with it, only to get eaten instead.

Johnny Powell asserts that there is no such thing as a phylactery in black magic. He adds that the relic got its name because countless people died trying to capture the Darkness with the "phylactery" for the past 400 years.

Location Edit

The relic is found on a balcony after escaping the Brimstone Club and running into Butcher Joyce and Leo.

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