Father Brendan
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Vol. 1 Issue 32

"Christ died to save our humanity, Capris. Mourning the passing of someone love... What could be more human than that?"
Father Brendan to Capris Castiglione [src]

Father Brendan is a character appearing in The Darkness comic series.

Biography Edit

Taking Capris Edit

When she was born Capris Castiglione was taken, at her mother's request, by Father Brendan who raised her away from her brother who the priest knew would be cursed upon his 21st birthday. The hope was that by separating the siblings they might spare Capris the fate that was destined for Jackie. Capris grew up a happy child and was raised by Father Brendan as his own daughter in a separate orphanage.

Murder of Blair Edit

One day after her 18th birthday Capris returned to the room she shared with her best friend, Blair Dray and found her dead. While it appeared she committed suicide Capris did not believe this as Brooke had been so ecstatic that her life was going so well after finishing school and landing a good job. Capris and Father Brendan broke into the room and Capris removed her friends diary from its hiding place. They also found a video tape depicting Brooke and a public figure having sex.

The Sheriff opted not to follow up on the lead as he said it would cause a scandal, much to Father Brendan's  oppositions.

Revealing the Truth Edit

As Father Brendan got ill, Capris pushed him into revealing her past. Before dying he reveals, that Capris has a twin brother, Jackie Estacado and about The Darkness. Father Brendan explains why he took her away before dying.

Personality Edit

Father Brendan is devoted servant of god. After taking away Capris, he raised her as his own daughter. During their conversation, Father Brendan reveals that he was to be part of Capris life and cherished every moment they had together. Capris felt the same, seeing him as a father figure. He extremely loved her and tried to protect Capris from her family curse The Darkness.

Gallery Edit

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