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Mitch Deval (Brother)

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The Darkness

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"Help me, Lord Satan... Your humble servant, Ernie Deval... All that I have is yours."
Ernie as Jackie comes for him. [src]

Ernie Deval is a side character in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

Jackie encounters Ernie in City Hall Station after his brother, Mitch Deval tasks Estacado in finding him. When Jackie meets him, Ernie has completely gone mad. He booby traps the corridors leading to his whereabouts, believing that someone is coming for him. As Jackie gets through the traps, Ernie begs Satan to save him. As last ditch to save his life, he locks himself in a cage.

This doesn't protect Ernie for long as Jackie figures to shoot off the locks holding the entrance shut. He then proceeds to kill Ernie. Consuming Ernie's heart will unlock the Black Hole power for the Serpent Heads and an achievement "Crazy For You". Killing Ernie has no penalty for Mitch's objective.

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