"Jenny named the estate after a book by some guy called Sam Butler. I never read it but I like the name. You hear it and you think "taste... refinement"."
Jackie talking about his home. [src]

Erewhon is Jackie Estacado's family estate in The Darkness comics series.

History Edit

The New Reality Edit

In the new reality, Jackie bought an estate for his wife Jenny Romano and daughter, Hope. Jenny was responsible for the decoration and the name of the estate. The estate was heavily guarded with trained guards stationed at the entrance and inside Erewhon. It also had an emergency bunker. Hope's nanny, Charlotte lived there too.

After reality begins to break apart, various bugs and deadly vegetation infest the area surrounding Erewhon.

Trivia Edit

  • The estate is named after a novel called Erewhon, written by Sam Butler. Erewhon satirises various aspects of Victorian society, including criminal punishment, religion and anthropocentrism.

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