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"I steer clear of that little rat like he had the bubonic plague."
Enzo regarding Paulie Franchetti. [src]

Enzo Scardina is a character appearing in The Darkness.

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The Darkness Edit

Enzo is first encountered during Jackie's first visit to Canal St. Subway Station. Enzo tells him, that he heard about Jackie pissing off Paulie Franchetti and asks what did he do. Jackie tells Enzo to ask Paulie himself, but the latter refuses.

Enzo then asks if Jackie still seeing Jenny, implying that the old man would want to hook up with her. Jackie answers that he still seeing her and as a matter of fact, she just paged him. The old man then tells that there's a phone down the platform if Jackie wants to call her.

Later, after Jackie takes control over the Darkness, Enzo tells him to steal a briefcase from Frankie "Noses" Tieri, filled with narcotics belonging to Paulie. He says, that Frankie will be at Fulton St. and all Jackie needs to do is switch the briefcase with an empty one. After Jackie brings the Frankie's briefcase to Enzo, he rewards him with a collectible phone number.

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