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The Darkness II

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Jonathan Roumie

"Ya know, Boss, you got some nice guns... and them pistols are nice too."
Enzo to Jackie. [src]

Enzo is a side character in The Darkness II.

Biography Edit

The Darkness II Edit

Enzo worked for Jackie as an enforcer and guard. Together with his friend Giorgio, they guarded the outskirts of the mansion and are later seen during Aunt Sarah's funeral. They both discuss their worries about his supernatural powers and Jackie being crazy just like his father was, but also express their gratitude that he's on their side. When Jackie tries to confront both Enzo and Giorgio during their conversations, they will immediately stop talking and pretend as if they said nothing wrong about him.

Before heading to Hellgate Field, Jackie can talk to both Enzo and Giorgio in order to find out more about each of them.

Institution Edit

In the Institution, Enzo is called Larry and is one of the patients together with his friend Giorgio. They both discuss and mock Jackie's delusions of being a Don of a mafia family. When Jackie tries to escape from the Institution, Enzo is seen cheering for him.

Later, if Jackie decides to talk with him, he will find out that Larry was captured by a child molester when he was young, who proceeded to molest him in his van.

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