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The Darkness: Close Your Eyes

"Sometimes I am afraid she is lying. But Emma never lied to me."
Adelmo regarding Emma. [src]

Emma Cayce was the daughter of oil rigger Martin Cayce and the secret fiance of Adelmo Estacado.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

At some point, Emma moved to California, together with his father to exploit vast amount of oil fields in the area. She then met Adelmo and fell in love with him.

Meetings with Adelmo Edit

Later that day, Adelmo meets up with Emma in a grass field. Emma would like her father to know about their relationship, but Adelmo is hesitant about this. Then Emma reassures Adelmo, that if her father forbid their relationship, they would run away together. After their meeting, Adelmo goes back to work

On Sunday, as usual, Adelmo meets up with Emma behind their garden. Emma comments, that Adelmo smells like oil and sweat and she likes it. Adelmo tells her about what her father told him regarding poetry. After hearing this, Emma promises to bring him a book the next day written by a man named Rimbalid.

Running Away Together Edit

The next day, Emma took the book and went to Adelmo's home. As she reaches it, she's shocked to see the house on fire and Adelmo kneeling over his dead stepfather's corpse. Adelmo then stands up, kisses her and the two run away. Emma suggests that they could go and stay with her strange uncle, Edgar. About ten miles away, they discover a barn and decide to rest there. The two then have sex and as Adelmo impregnates Emma, he dies. Nine months later, while giving birth to their baby boy, Emma takes her last breath too.

Personality Edit

Emma unconditionally loved Adelmo, seeing only the good in him. Even after witnessing Adelmo killing his stepfather, Emma was willing to run away with him, if it meant they be together forever.

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