Ember Stone



Glacier Stone (Opposite/Nemesis)

Notable Owners:

Grimur's Servant (Formerly)

Real World Information
First Appearance:

The Darkness: Lodbrok's Hand

The Ember Stone is one of The Thirteen Artifacts. It is a force of fire and creation, the enemy and opposite of The Glacier Stone.

History Edit

Viking Age Edit

During the Age of Viking's, an unnamed woman, enslaved by the Mad King Grimur, was the wielder of Ember Stone. Grimur used her in his conquest for Viking lands. Eventually this brought her into a conflict with a Darkness wielder called Black Captain. After Grimur was finally defeated, the wielder of Ember Stone left the battlefield and flew away.

Capabilities Edit

The Ember Stone gives its wielder dominion over fire and his or hers form. The wielder could emit fire from his or hers body both for offense and defense. He or her could also take the form of a giant fire breathing dragon. In this form, the wielders strength, speed and durability would reach superhuman levels. The wielder could also fly with help of its giant wings.

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